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Interview: Juan Carlos Medina (The Limehouse Golem)

Hi Juan Carlos, How are you?

Juan Carlos- I’m fine, how are you? Where are you at?

I am in Pennsylvania.

You did an amazing job directing “The Limehouse Golem.” How did you become involved?

Juan Carlos- Thank you. I received the script through my American agent.  For me it was really a film that I needed to make. It was about three years to make it happen, it was two years to get the money together.

There are so many beautiful images. The location seemed to be pivotal. What was it like shooting the film?

Juan Carlos- We recreated that environment completely. The story is set in a neighborhood in London. We created our vision of London from scratch because London is a character in the film.

What do you want the fans to know?

Juan Carlos- I would rather them not know anything. I would want them to be surprised. They will have quite a ride and go with an open mind.

What was it like directing the cast?

Juan Carlos- It was wonderful. They were from different backgrounds and they are all wonderful human beings. We had to survive through several storms to make it happen.



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