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The Doll Behind The Horror – Giveaway

Do you like Scary Dolls?

You are going to pass out in fear for this next giveaway!

Horrornews.net is once again teaming up with MVD Entertainment Group and this time we want to give you Charlotte – The Doll Behind The Horror 

We want to know what’s your favorite creepy doll movie?  It is Annabelle – Creation? Is is Dead-Silence? Is it Child’s Play?  Email joyhorror@msn.com and put “The Doll Behind The Horror” in the subject line and then answer the question, “What is your favorite creepy doll movie?” in the body of the email.  Don’t forget, we also need your full name and complete address.   This giveaway is for United States and Canadian residence only.   We will be picking a winner at random by mid-September.   The winner gets a DVD copy of the movie, Charlotte – The Doll Behind The Horror 


A teenage girl is babysitting at a new house, when she is accosted by a vicious doll. In bondage, she is forced to watch terrifying stories on the television magically controlled by the unfriendly toy, each story more grave than the next.

Charlotte from SYNERGETIC on Vimeo.

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