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Book Review: Hacked – Author Tim Miller

Tim Miller continues to push the boundaries with his extreme horror novel Hacked. Hacked is the classic tale of online predator gone extreme. When reading the book, the story immediately captures the late seventies early eighties gritty feel. The writing style is crisp, the characters are believable and actually care for except for some I would rather not give away.

The author is not afraid to throw brutal punches to his reader by having them read the horrors inflicted upon the protagonist and victims. It has that feel of a modern edge to it as the story is about a guy looking to hook up with someone.

One rejection is all it takes for our antagonist to do the unthinkable which is hack, hence the title, into his victim’s Backtrack account and harass then stalk his prey. The way the author describes the violent acts are enough to turn any normal reader’s stomach.

I on the other hand am not easily grossed out by what takes place on here. The reviews I’ve read from other readers on Amazon’s website show that the writer has done his job in making them wince and otherwise cannot even finish reading the book due to the actions pertained within the pages.

The characters are just like us, everyday working people. People who are lonely or people who just browse Backtrack for the amusement of looking at other people’s profiles. It is all fun and games until they meet the deranged sociopath who won’t take no for an answer. The moment you read what is about to happen, the caring and hope for their survival kicks in and makes you want to see them escape the madness that hits them like a freight train. The blood and gore is delivered in the right amount of dosages needed to make this a great story. It’s not just about the shock factor.

It’s a story about survival and what one would do to those who reject him. It is in a way, a slap in the face wake up call saying that this can happen to anyone in real life. That one day someone could send a message through a social media website and if you say the wrong thing, it can turn into your worse nightmare come true.

If you have the stomach for this kind of story, I suggest you read this book and mark down Tim Miller’s name as the new master of extreme horror. The book is that good and will keep you reading till the end.

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