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Why Horror Games Will Drive the Growth of VR

Ever since virtual and augmented reality have found natural applications in the world of gaming, the growth potential of this these technologies has increased considerably. In fact, the revenue forecasts for virtual and augmented reality have been revised to hit a staggering $120 billion by the end of 2020, with gaming a pivotal contributor to this considerable sum.

Some gaming experiences will benefit from VR more than others, of course, specifically those that aim to either replicate physical activities or create immersive fantasy worlds where players can allow their imaginations to run wild.

Take horror, for example, which has the potential to deliver truly unqiue and thrilling experiences through the virtual world. There are already a wide range of horror games that have made for spectacular VR experiences, and this is a trend that we should expect to become more pronounced over time.

Why are Horror Games So Central to the VR Experience

The popularity of horror games also extends far beyond classic desktop platforms, with even mobile and virtual casino titles embracing decidedly sinister narratives. The type of slot games listed here include a range of dark and horror-inspired titles, for example, each of which feature an immersive theme, chilling graphics and a truly captivating sense of the macabre.

While these attributes explain the growing popularity of horror games across multiple platforms, what do they tell us about why such titles are driving VR experiences across the globe? The answer is simple, as people seek out dark and chilling VR games for the same reason that they watch horror films, as they want to explore dangerous and fantasy-based themes that challenge, scare and entertain in a meaningful way.

Not only does VR tap into this basic human desire, but it also has the potential to create experiences that are far more immersive than even the greatest horror film. After all, VR (and to a lesser extent, AR) can enable you to enjoy horror experiences from a first-person perspective, immersing you in a realistic and three-dimensional world where you are the chief protagonist. This makes the thrills and the scares all the more real, while it drives a more seamless experience across the virtual and the physical realms.

From the Authentic to the Fantastical: The Future for VR and Horror Games

Make no mistake; the diversity of horror games creates the potential for numerous types of VR experience. In addition to classic, first person adventures such as that explore apocalyptic or fantasy scenarios (think of the Resident Evil franchise), there are also dark and Halloween-inspired slot games that combine fun and adventure in a realistic casino setting, and each experience offers unique appeal to diverse demographic to players.

This represents yet another string to the bow of VR horror games, and one that will see library of relevant titles grow exponentially in the years ahead. In this respect, horror games will become crucial engines for the future growth of the VR market, as their engaging and interactive nature enables us to take our relationship with the macabre to an entirely new level.

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