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Home | Romeo’s Distress & Theta States Double Feature debut at New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival on April 2, 2017

Romeo’s Distress & Theta States Double Feature debut at New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival on April 2, 2017

On April 2nd, 2017, The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival will mark the Garden State Premiere of a pair of psychological thrillers from two NYC Filmmakers. First up at 6pm, is Director Manny Serrano’s (Blood Slaughter Massacre, M is for Mastectomy) nightmare-themed Theta States. Immediately following at 7:45pm is Jeff Frumess’ (M is for Muffins) love-sick feature film debut, Romeos Distress.

Starring NJ’s own Thomas Ryan (Faces, RAPT), Erin Brown (aka Misty Mundae – Masters of Horror, Strip Club Massacre) and Deana Demko (Ghosts of Angela Webb, Ironbound Vampire, Witches Blood), Theta States is about insomniac Danny (Ryan)who is prescribed an experimental audio therapy which soon causes him to suffer from wicked hallucinations and blackouts. The film features music from Philly’s own S&M Punk band GASH OFFICIAL, and NYC musician D. Catalano (aka Without You, I’m Hunting Them.)

Romeos Distress is a gothic tale of horror about James and his unrequited love for Jane (Anthony Malchar and Kimberley A. Peterson, respectively) and the sadistic response of her father Dale, played by Jeff Solomon (Long Island Serial Killer, Bastion). Is love a curse?

In a coincidence, the two films will close out NJ HorrorCons’ Film Festival for their NJ Premiere, in contrast to having been two of the opening features for their collective World Premiere in January at The Macabre Faire Film Festival. At Macabre Faire, both films were nominated for multiple awards and Romeos Distress took home Best Screenplay, while Theta States was awarded Best Sound, Soundtrack and Audience Choice for Best Feature Film.

Frumess and Serrano, as well as members of the cast and crew from both films, will be in attendance for the films, and the convention weekend.

New Jersey Horror Convention and Film Festival will be held at the Crown Plaza in Edison, NJ from March 31st through April 2nd.  Created by filmmaker Ryan Scott Weber and Pop Culture guru Robert Bruce. Tickets are available now at www.newjerseyhorrorcon.com

You can find more info on Theta States at www.facebook.com/ThetaStates.

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