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Halloween: The Night HE Came Back – Trailer/Stills

The Night HE Came Back. The film is set 40 years after the events of Halloween 2 (1981) as The Shape makes his return to Haddonfield.

Fan Films as many of you know (by and large) are usually met with a big sigh and groan. This is usually not for a lack of effort, passion or dedication from the fans creating them. It’s because (by and large) they are created by the every day fan who generally does not possess the understanding of the filmmaking process and/or has access to the production houses and facilities that supply the professional gear to make something of a professional caliber. As professional independent filmmakers we do have this access, and are looking to take Halloween fan films to the next level. Fan films are not for profit (for obvious reasons) and our is no different.

Halloween-The-Night-HE-Came-Back-(1) Halloween-The-Night-HE-Came-Back-(4) Halloween-The-Night-HE-Came-Back-(3) Halloween-The-Night-HE-Came-Back-(2)

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