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Film Review: The Contract (short film) (2015)



The drag queen housewife Carlotta Moore is minding her own business in her suburban home. The doorbell rings. The dog goes crazy. It’s the f*cking Jehova’s witness at the door! And she’s got a .357 Magnum and an itchy trigger finger! A day in the life of a cocaine peddling cross dresser


Another short film! Today we have THE CONTRACT from Twisted Films, directed by Christopher Lindstrom AKA CHRZU.

His name may sound familiar to some of you. It did to me as well, and then I remembered why – I reviewed another film from this Finnish filmmaker not long ago called NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM. I also realized that the music for this short was performed by Nightsatan. So there’s that.

Anyway, this is slightly different fare from that film. This film features Carlotta Moore ( an interesting creature unto herself…google her name, you’ll see) as a “typical suburban housewife”. Believe me, that is quotation marks for a reason.

SHORT-FILM---The-Contract.mp4.0007 SHORT-FILM---The-Contract.mp4.0005 SHORT-FILM---The-Contract.mp4.0001 SHORT-FILM---The-Contract.mp4.0016

Anyway, Ms. Moore is spending an afternoon at home with her “dog” (again, there’s a reason for those quotation marks) named Boy when a stranger rings the doorbell and makes a serious mess of the pleasant afternoon.

This film is strange, and surreal, and maybe not a little shocking to some viewers. But it is funny. And there is some really good special effect work, specifically prosthetics and gore, in the film. Honestly, it may not be for everyone. I actually watched it twice before writing this review to figure out how to describe it.


I realized that I can’t describe it, but some of the subject matter could be offensive to some viewers. The best I can do is give warnings of gore and adult situations and trust you to make the right desicion.

Using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 3 dog toys.

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