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Interview: Leah Myette – Director (The Hotel Barclay)

LEAH-MYETTE--The-Hotel-Barclay-interview-(4)Writer/Director Leah Myette (THE HOTEL BARCLAY) spoke with for a Horrornews.net exclusive.

“The Hotel Barclay” is fascinating with the flashbacks and then current. Are the flashbacks dreams or what do they represent?

Leah:  That’s a really good question. To be honest, it depends on the episode. The bulk of our ghosts with the bulk of our flashbacks occur in the late 1800’s. We do have a few ghosts in the hotel that are from the forties so if you watch Season 1, episode: 2 those ghosts are from the forties.

How did you come up with this web series and will it become a television series?

Leah: We are working on expanding the show and getting it on a larger platform. The idea came when I was living alone in this building that used to be a hotel. It is so funny how obvious that sounds when I tell it in hindsight. I was living in this apartment building that used to be an old hotel and it was so haunted. Legitimately haunted, it was the creepiest place. I can’t believe I used to sleep there, it was just awful. To give you an example of some of the stuff that used to happen there. My dog would wake up at 3:33 am and she’d be barking at something at the foot of my bed or the side of my bed. There was a strong feeling of being watched and that would happen to me night after night. That experience definitely was one of the big inspirations for the series.

LEAH-MYETTE--The-Hotel-Barclay-interview-(5) LEAH-MYETTE--The-Hotel-Barclay-interview-(3)

I love the cast that you chose, what was it like directing/writing and working with everyone?

Leah: I wanted to focus on directing. The actors for the most part were a dream to work with.

LEAH-MYETTE--The-Hotel-Barclay-interview-(2) LEAH-MYETTE--The-Hotel-Barclay-interview-(1)

You work with Bill Watterson in the web series, what was it like working with Bill?

Leah: It was great, he was really just delightful. He slipped into the character of the pimp almost like he was slipping into some sort of mink coat. He just did a brilliant job.



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