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Film Review: Demon Warriors (2007)

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Opapatika is a special power that makes one become practically invincible. The power remains alive so long as that person is remains alive. In this film, five Opapatikas, each with their own unique power, are brought together. They meet in the middle of a great assassination that finally brings them loss, but a new start of their lives.


From out of the influence of american hero driven films and Asian culture itself, comes a new film “Demon Warriors”. While the cover states “ingredients for a nasty version of X-men” I found it to be closer to the recent film “Push” as far as similarities go. Though for clarification “Demon Warriors” is truly it’s own story and concept.

With the wave of recent films and those coming out of the Asian market , “Demon Warriors” falls clearly into line of slicker polished, FX driven style of films. Not to the point of superpower overload like X-men or Fantastic Four but a nice balance of story equality that drives the premise of the characters. “Demon Warriors” falls somewhere between 3 film classifications ….horror, action and martial arts.

To understand the film is to break down its premise. Traditions believe that a person can be born into one of 4 forms. Sungestacha which means out of sweat and dampness. Untacha which is the hatching from an egg. Chalalputta is born from the womb. Opapatika is being born suddenly from nowhere.

The film states that for quite a long time Opapatikas and humans have co-existed. 2 worlds collided that contain both good and evil. Opapatikas come from a world that was here before Earth. Opapatika translates into “demon Warrior”. These existing Opapatikas are in fact humans or former humans that have gifts now bestowed upon them by demons. The catch is that to use the gift also comes with a price. The price is different for each individual who while being able to do remarkable things are also always on the run from hunters.

Our story is based around a group of these Opapatikas. Paison, is a contract killer who can kill with precise accuracy. Each person he kills though leaves a death mark on his body as a reminder of the kill. Aruth, is a beast by night, human by day. His curse is that upon transformations he never remembers the night time portion of his life. Ramil, possesses the power of a specter. Upon will he can send spectral versions of himself to attack his enemies. Though this means constantly living with the demon inside him. Jiras has gained immortality.

He cant be killed and upon “being killed” he rebirths into his former self. His curse is his gift. A lifetime of suffering that never ends. Techit, holds the power of intuition, though upon it’s use he begins to lose portions of his other 5 senses.

The movie features a high level of fantastical elements that provides a stunning display of FX and martiall arts action. What makes this different as a film is the level of drama these Opapatikas face in there lives. We feel the gain and sense of loss they are committed to.

Master Saduk who holds the power of illusion seeks them all out to consume them and regain his own body. The war against the Opapatikas is clear with brutal kills, stunning elements and a contradiction between the hero and villain roles which at times are not very clear. Filmed in Thailand, the film holds more drama driven storylines than it US counterparts which are usually more shallow but FX geared.

The film stars: Somchai Kemglad … Jirat, Shahkrit Yamnarm … Paison, Leo Putt … Taesit Athip Nana … Ramil Ray MacDonald, … Aroot Kemapsorn Sirisukha, … Pran Nirut Sirichanya, Pongpat Wachirabunjong … Thoovathit

At the root of “Demon Warriors”, the film has a few morals or messages that it delivers thru visual finesse and philosophical understanding. While the messages may sound clique, they are only example of what I took “from” it’s message. Life is precious, the grass isn’t always greener, cherish what you have, careful what you wish for, and karma is a bitch. By the use of superhero like characters director/ writer Thanakorn Pongsuwan is able to use there abilities as a example of struggle rather than as a gift. This idea is also similar to the cursed feeling that the mutants from X-men so often mention. The film originally called Opapatika has been released under a new name by Magnet releasing. Highly recommended action and horror driven elements make this a much watch!

Demon Warriors (2007)

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