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Film Review: Seiren (short film) (2015)



Seirēn is a short film about a fashion model who after a mysterious bite, develops an infection and transforms into a vicious Siren


Yet another short film, kids! This time we have a tasty selection from Retro Grave Productions and writer/director Kat Threlkeld called SEIREN.

This is a dark fantasy, focusing on a lovely swimwear model named Abigail (Sayla V DeGoede). The film opens on a beachside photo shoot, where Abigail steps into the water and gets bitten by…something. Jellyfish sting, maybe? She didn’t see it, but it really hurt.

Once back in her home, Abigail checks out the bite/sting on her leg. Are those seriously human teeth marks? Kind of looks like it. Yes, friends…Abigail has been bitten by a siren, better known as a mermaid.

Ever wonder what would happen if you got bit by a mermaid? Does it work like a vampire or werewolf? Abigail begins to go through some extreme changes, physically and emotionally. Her entire world goes upside down as the mermaid venom courses through her body, turning her into…


The film focuses mainly on two characters – Abigail and her best friend Samantha, played by Mallory Palmer. Sam is a helpless observer to what Abigail is going through, not that either of them really understand it.

There has been a lot of great buzz around this film. Ms. Threlkeld won Best Director (short feature) at the Mostra Amazona CInema Festival in Brazil, and has been given accolades in several other festivals as well.

Visually, the film is gorgeous. Special effects and costume are just stunning. It doesn’t hurt that Ms. DeGoede is stunningly beautiful, which one would expect a mermaid to look like. Just don’t get hung up on what you think a mermaid looks like. This film may just change your mind about that.


Special cast note – The mermaid does sing, her voice provided by soprano Carrie Gemmell. Ms Gemmell is no stranger to the horror genre. She has appeared in three films for Chris Alexander (former editor-in-chief of Fangoria Magazine) – Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood, and Female Werewolf.

There are many levels to the story, and depending on one’s point of view, one could walk away with any number of impressions concerning the point the film is making. I have read the director’s statement on this matter, but I will not share it with you. I would rather you watch the film and come to your own conclusions.

So using my special short scale of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 5 mermaid teeth.

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  1. Danielle Johnson

    can we still watch the full short movie? I can not find this anywhere!


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