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Video Madness: CottonMouth

All right children, lets cut the chatter. We’ve got a nice filmstrip planned for today.Take notes here kids, for today’s lesson is a submission I received from everyone’s favorite mistress of the night, horrornews.net’s very own Dai. Don’t be afraid to take a page out of her book and do the same.

This little number is a short film entitled “Cottonmouth” directed by Christopher P. Garetano. It’s based on a tale woven by former Fangoria scribe Steve Bissette from his comic “Gore Shriek.” If Garetano’s name sounds familiar, you may have already seen his industry documentary “Horror Business.” The Professor, a rabid comic fan, filmmaker AND horror junkie is actually embarrassed to admit he has neither read Bissette’s comic nor seen Garetano’s documentary. But, if this short is any indication, I’ll be Investigating both, and you might just find yourself doing the same.

I don’t wish to turn this into a mini review, so I won’t. What I will say however is, I enjoyed this short, which actually offers some originality – something that can be difficult to achieve in less than 10 minutes, but Garetano manages (with Bissette’s help) to do just that. I look forward to seeing what Christopher and company whip up in the future.

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