Horror Art: Eyes of Chaos

Published in numerous publications and CD packages worldwide, Eyes of Chaos has created imagery for just about every horror medium in the genre.

– Created book cover art for number of horror’s finest authors.
– CD art and packaging for hundreds of music acts.
– Self-published 3 art/illustration books titled: “Madness on Parade”, “Inner“, & “Dark Visions”.
– A regular illustration contributor to several national publications.

– In 1992, Created Eyes of Chaos to serve as simply an online portfolio.
– In 1997, Eyes of Chaos was established as a permanent fixture and online presence to cater to horror graphic needs.
– In 2005, Nightmare Kinetics was formed in the interest of post production and film making.

Sounds of David Bowie, Gary Numan, NIN, and the films of Lynch, Kubrik, Cronenberg, Tony Scott, & Oliver Stone.

To purchase Eyes of Chaos books – You can order per print on demand from this link

www.eyesofchaos.com (WEBSITE CLOSED)

UPDATE: eyesofchaos.com  SITE is currently on hiatus till further notice
You can contact the artist directly at news@horrornews.net for private freelance work
Previous ART is still available for CD covers or Book covers, email here directly for access to archives

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3 Responses to Horror Art: Eyes of Chaos

  1. Dan says:

    I see all these links for the website for art, but they all just link me back here. Does the artist no longer have a portfolio site? I’ve been wanting to use some of his stuff for my band for years.

  2. Jax says:

    I have had a silent following of this artist for many years. I came back to see how things were going and it seems like things have changed. No longer can I find the extensive galleries of the past. I am very interested in this artist. If someone can direct me to more content, I would be very grateful.

    • The current site and galleries are down. It may get a revival next year, though its not high on the priority list. Galleries are only limited to what is still out there on the web, thank you

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