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Book Review: HotWire – Deep Cut – Issue 2

Get ready for issue 2 as the world of Hotwire spins further into astral obscurity with a ghost filled word gone wild. Alice Hotwire is finally making a connection with the local police, after saving them from a nasty spectral cop killer. Things though are about to get much more interesting as we find out that a device exists called the “soul eater” can obliterate souls from existence. Yep ghost or no ghosts this could be the death of all things.

On another note, a woman named Eva has just crashed her vehicle and entered into the spirit form, though she still thinks she is one with the living as she communicates with a robot blue who she sees as her partner Thomas Epping. Alice has her hands full with ass holes like Rantz getting in her way while she tries to just keep things on a neutral level, though she still has a problem to deal with at home in the form of her former partner turned blue who is not to happy about things.

It appears that Tom (the robot specter) serves a purpose that starts to reveal itself when a small leak breaks out from his suit. Does all this sound like alot to consume? Well is sure is, but its also pretty darn cool to look at as well.

Most folks would be recommend to pick up some prior issues so that they can connect the dots. I still think Deep cut is an exciting series that is like no other with a base of some pretty weird rules to live with. Alice is cool, sharp and tough as nails….check out more of Alice with this 2nd in the series.


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