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Wicked Crush Wednesdays: The Evil Twins

The Evil Twins 2

Today’s WCW are two females who go by the name The Evil Twins… Luna Wolf and Missy Poison. This is double the WCW today!


Luna WolfHow did you get in to the horror industry?

I was always into the dark and macarbe as a child, watching the hammer horrors as a child with my dad. It wasn’t until my Evil Twin came along that I started living the dream of making photo concepts, movies and anything horror related. Together we built up our fan base and its because of our love for horror that together we are able to bring to the industry fresh new and disturbed ideas.
Who are some of your biggest horror influences?
I love Directors Tim Burton, Eli Roth and Rob Zombie to name but a few. I dream of the day that The Evil Twins will be working with the likes of on of these guys.
Is there a part you’ve wanted to play that you haven’t gotten the chance to yet?
There are many parts I haven’t had the chance yet. But we have time! :)
If you weren’t acting in a horror film what would you be doing?
Planning Evil Shoots with my Twin, or off on an adventure somewhere snowboarding or laying around on a beach dreaming up new concepts to work on. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, one way or another I’ll be working on new material for The Evil Twins! :)
What’s up next for you?
We have a few projects in the pipeline. I have just had a short horror movie come to the finishing stages and almost ready for a festival so that should be exciting. Otherwise I can’t say much about upcoming projects. You will just have to wait and see.
How can people contact you?
Or visit our website: www.malum-gemini.com

Missy PoisonHow did you get in to the horror industry? 

I had been modelling for a few years and always loved working on horror/dark themed photography concepts but finding photographers was always hard, last year I met Luna and we both had a major love for all things horror so we made it our mission to do whatever it took to become more involved in the horror industry and the evil twins were born.
Who are some of your biggest horror influences? 
Eli Roth, Nacho Vigalondo, Clive Barker, Guillermo del Toro, Dario Argento, John Carpenter,James Wan, the list is endless, i am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s work and sometimes all it takes is for me to reach out to one his stories and I can plot a new concept for a video or photoshoot so definitely a big influence.
Is there a part you’ve wanted to play that you haven’t gotten the chance to yet?
Definitely, I like to play the bad girl roles, I dont play dead very well, undead, no problem, would be dream come true for me to be the grotesque monster that haunts people for years to come, something along the lines of a Freddy Kruger
If you weren’t acting in a horror film what would you be doing? 
Photographing something or someone probably still very horror related.
What’s up next for you? 
Lots of new projects to photograph and be photographed for, horror publications, a very special film and photography project inspired by my Missy Poison Vampire Character, and hopefully a few more gory roles before the year is up.
How can people contact you? 
I can be found on Twitter @Missy_Poison1
The Evil Twins

Missy PoisonThe best known Evil Twin is Missy Poison. Her real name is Priscilla and she describes herself as “a colourful caffeine addict with a sarcastic sense of humour and a passion for all things horror”. She is a model, photographer and an actress with an ever-growing list of publications to her name as both model and photographer and has had some minor roles for film and television. So what is her story?Priscilla was born in Portugal and moved to England at the age of 6 when her parents emigrated and London is where she calls home. It is hard to believe that she grew up uncomfortable in her own skin and was actually picked on at school for her being fat, freckled, four-eyed and a nerd. I wonder where those bullies are now. An avid reader of tattoo magazines, Priscilla had her first tattoo at the age of seventeen and has never looked back. Her ever growing collection of tattoos representing, people, places and events that are important to her, much as photos or a scrapbook are to most people.

Luna WolfLuna is the youngest Evil Twin. With her blonde hair and baby blue eyes she looks so sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled. Luna is every inch an Evil Twin with steely determination to do whatever is necessary to create great images. So what is her story?

Luna was born in Essex and was an imaginative and creative child. She enjoyed dressing up and becoming her favourite characters from books films and television. She discovered horror at a young age and enjoyed watching Hammer Horrors with her dad She got her first camera at ten and was instantly hooked, learning Photoshop at twelve when a family member was doing it at college.

Bio’s courtesy of their official Facebook Page! www.facebook.com/EvilTwinsOfficial/timeline

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