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Top 5 Horror Shows I’m looking Forward to

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If you’re a horror fan like myself you’re probably cruising online looking for horror shows you can watch. I will do a movie list in a week.


  1. Scream Queen Season 1 coming this fall to FOX.

Scream Queens 2

I’m a bit worried to be honest. Fox isn’t the nicest of channels. They aren’t very forgiving of TV Shows. I’m hoping because the American Horror Story and Glee guys are behind it that it will have a fair chance. I wish they had gone with FX or AMC.  The cast which includes Scream Queen Legend Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, KeKe Palmer, and many others looks promising.


  1. Scream The Series season 1 coming this summer to MTV.

Scream TV Show 2

MTV has been doing horror better pretty damn well.  With Teen Wolf (which would have made my Top 10 though there isn’t 10 horror shows out right now that I want to talk about) on MTV’s roster this show should prove to get slasher TV right. From the trailers I’ve seen it looks fun,


  1. Vampire Diaries season 7 coming this fall to CW

Vampire Diaries

Once again another show I need to catch up on. I just need to watch ones I have saved on DVR. It’s one of those shows that you really can’t skip an episode or you may be royally confused. Great cast. Amazing writing. People always think it’s like Twilight or some crap. Nothing at all like it.


  1. American Horror Story: Hotel coming this fall to FX.

AHS Hotel

Another show I got in to late in the game. Just got in to it this year so I am once again binge watching on Netflix. So much fun though. It’s definitely a different way to do a horror anthology.


  1. Supernatural Season 11 coming this Fall to the CW.


Big fan of Supernatural. I got in to it late in the game. I don’t know why but I wish I had started from the very beginning. Though the advantage of getting in to a show late in the game is you can binge watch on Netflix if its available on there.

Now everybody’s probably all like “Where’s the Walking Dead?” Or the spin off to the Walking Dead? To be honest Zombies are not my cup of tea and I could never get in to TWD. I respect the show but just not my thing.

Close runner ups were Teen Wolf and The Originals but I didn’t feel like doing a Top 7. Hope you enjoyed my list! Now let us know what shows YOUR looking forward to?


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