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Film Review: Enter The Dark (short film) (2010)

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I saw a pretty cool 17 minute short today, that actually gave me the chills. I say that because I’ve drolled thru countless features that didn’t even come close to that. Enter Todd Miro’s “Enter The Dark”, a chilling little piece that grabs onto the elements of ghost chasing, paranormal activity and some comic flair into 1 solid little piece. This piece brings back a sense of the old “Gallery” series episodes about a father who is trying to rid his house of some kind of haunting. When his best bud comes over to convince him to join him and the boys for some clubbing, he talks him into helping him real quick at his now abandoned house.

The wife and children have left previously due to 6 months of disturbances that were enough to call it quits. Now left with a spirit to deal with, he tries to “ghost hunter” the house about with some video cameras and electronic devices. His friend though is unconvinced and thinks the whole deal is quite silly. Soon that notion changes as some events begin to turn the tables on the visit. “Enter the Dark” is classically simple. Nothing too frilly here and yet that seems to be all it needs. This first camera POV trick while overused, is still effective in the right storyline and setup. This is where Miro excels with giving us alittle at a time to add up to more. “Enter the Dark” is a clever scary fun piece that delivers with a punch and a cool ending.

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