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MOUNTAIN MONSTERS Season 3 Premieres Saturday, March 7


For hundreds of years, Bigfoot has put Americans on edge with sightings of giant man-beasts lurking in the forest, discoveries of massive footprints in the mud, and reports of disembodied howls floating in the nighttime. Nowhere does the mystery of Bigfoot’s existence run deeper than in the backcountry of Appalachia where, over the last 10 years alone, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) has uncovered more than a dozen different clans of Bigfoot that call the mountain region home. Locals have their own names for these enormous ape-like creatures, from Midnight Whistlers to the Wildman, but they’re all Bigfoot in the end. Trapper and his team of expert hunters and outdoorsmen – including Jeff, Willy, Wild Bill, Huckleberry, and Buck – have spent their entire lives navigating Appalachia’s rough terrain, surviving off the land, and practicing do-it-yourself resourcefulness in preparation for their toughest challenge yet: defending mountain communities from Bigfoot, the most legendary monster ever rumored to exist. Now, in the third season of Destination America’s hit series MOUNTAIN MONSTERS, AIMS travels to remote corners of the Appalachian wilderness, putting a lifetime of training to the ultimate test, as they track and attempt to trap local Bigfoots across the region in a quest to prove they are fact, not folklore. MOUNTAIN MONSTERS: BIGFOOT EDITION premieres Saturday, March 7 at 10/9c on Destination America with eight episodes pursuing Bigfoots across the mountain region. The second half of the 16-episode season will premiere later in 2015.

“In the age-old battle between man and monster, the stakes have never been higher than in MOUNTAIN MONSTERS: BIGFOOT EDITION as AIMS and America’s most legendary monster, Bigfoot, go head to hairy head in an epic turf war over Appalachia,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “AIMS has had run-ins before with Bigfoot like the Yahoo and the Grassman, their arch nemesis for two seasons running, but they are back this season stronger, braver, and more prepared than ever to track down Bigfoot and take back the mountains.”

In the season premiere of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS: BIGFOOT EDITION on March 7, AIMS begins its epic quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot in Appalachia. AIMS believes that central Kentucky’s clan of Midnight Whistlers – enormous ape-like monsters known for their ear-piercing whistle, green eyes, jet-black hair, and nocturnal behavior – were the first variation of Bigfoot to emerge from the Mammoth Cave system some 3,000 years ago. The AIMS team goes hot on the trail of one Midnight Whistler after discovering the most elaborate and massive nest they’ve seen to date and must construct a customized trap large enough to contain this 8-foot tall monster. Little does AIMS know that where there’s one Midnight Whistler, others are not far behind.

MOUNTAIN MONSTERS is produced by American Chainsaws with Colt Straub, Duke Straub, Royal Malloy, Russell Geyser and Jay Bluemke as executive producers. For Destination America, Caroline Perez is executive producer, Marc Etkind is general manager and Henry Schleiff is Group President of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, American Heroes Channel, Discovery Life Channel, and Discovery Family Channel.


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