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Book Review: Abram’s Bridge – Author Glenn Rolfe

Abram’s-Bridge---Author-Glenn-RolfeAbram’s Bridge
By: Glenn Rolfe
Samhain Publishing

74 Pages

L’il Ron Sawyer isn’t your ordinary, everyday adolescent boy. With few friends, the new kid in town and forced to live with his estranged alcoholic father and grandmother he has very little in terms of sanctuary. One day while riding by Abram’s Bridge he spots a vision so angelic he’s rendered awestruck. Climbing down the embankment he soon finds out the apparition is very real, a beautiful girl named simply Sweet Kate. While she seems like the answer to all his prayers Sweet Kate has a most dark and disturbing past. Will L’il Ron be able to unravel the mystery of Abram’s Bridge and find out what really happened to Sweet Kate?

Abram’s Bridge will mark my inaugural exposure to author Glenn Rolfe. It took all of about a paragraph or two to become instantly enthralled with this highly gifted wordsmith. His clear and concise voice and style paints the most captivating of pictures. Rolfe puts the adventure back into reading as the recipient of his work finds oneself enthralled directly into the midst of action. No question his efforts, if marketed just right will appease and unlimited demographic for generations to come. The story flows at a very natural pace and swiftly evolves into something most addictive and can easily be digested within one to two sittings.

The descriptions and prose of writing depicts a most detailed of imagery without coming across as pretentious. Rolfe seems to have a firm grasp on how to captivate his audience and reel them deeper into the character development and plot escalation with deadly precision.

References to slightly dated contemporary culture will resonate among many. Musical cues from Megadeth, Metallica and Led Zeppelin will no question strike a chord with countless horror fans. His use of navigating a tangible point of interest and finding common ground we can all relate to is uncanny. Whether we can get behind the characters or not at this stage is really of no consequence as we subconsciously reminisce over other relatable items. We value the author’s story telling integrity and further give him our undivided attention. With the exception of these specific references the remainder of the setting is in Marsden, Maine and ingeniously ambiguous so Abram’s Bridge could easily translate into a classic era.

The interaction between characters is realistic so much that even the negative variables or flaws if you will within each antagonist or protagonist accentuates their realism. We don’t doubt the validity of Ron Sawyer nor his father, grandmother or even the Phenom Sweet Kate.

The layers of subtext contained within all seem to revolve around the theme of redemption. Regret can be a most powerful motivator in any number of characters. The author does a brilliant job of constructing a sense of remorse within varying protagonists and antagonists for that matter illuminating an undeniable conflict in each own personal, moral agenda.

As more and more is unveiled concerning the demise of one Sweet Kate, genre fans of the supernatural will be mystified at what unfolds next.

The final act has a certain romanticism that will engage an unlimited audience. Abram’s Bridge is a tale that would translate beautifully unto the silver screen. Whether through written word or poetry in motion Glenn Rolfe’s supernatural soiree is a bona fide thrill ride for the ages.


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