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What Stills Lie Within WITCH GRAVYEARD? Find Out

Writer/Director Reuben Rox is back with the sequel to his 2013 indie effort Witch Graveyard.

When TV reporter Noelle Martin and her assistant Maya need to find a good story to broadcast for their segment on Halloween, they venture deep into the woods and cemetery where rumour has it: the bodies of a suspected coven were laid to rest.

Starring Catherine Franklin (Day of a Thousand Screams), Rachel Wise (Loonies), Reuben Rox (Vampire Camp) and Lucien Eisenach (Dead Clowns), Return to Witch Graveyard is sure to appeal to fans of low-budget independent horror.

Return to Witch Graveyard details:
Released on digital platform December 12th, 2014
On DVD at http://goregon.net starting January 2nd, 2015

Running Time: 61 minutes PLUS Includes “Day of a Thousand Screams” Short Film Version (runs additional 9 minutes). Cert: Unrated.

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