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Find Out Now Why THE GHOST IS A LIE!


It’s been a long and windy road, but The Ghost is a Lie is ready! Before we point the way, here’s an explanation of how things will play out:

The delivery mechanism has been amended and the Ghost is a Lie is now categorized as “Transmedia Interactive Storytelling.” What that means is that the story will unfold in various formats, from videos to websites to live interactions, allowing “viewers” to either passively OR actively pursue the story. Subscribe to the YouTube channel below and they’ll get each episode as it is published, missing none of the major story arc.

Nose around, however, and they’ll find a great deal MORE content related to the unfolding mysteries of TGIAL. For those sleuths among us, there will even be extra video content – somewhere out there – beyond the published episodes to help dig deeper.

The trail starts here:

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