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Teenage Outcasts Spiral Out of Control AS NIGHT COMES

as-the-night-comesAS NIGHT COMES recently wrapped a successful limited theatrical release and is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes to Pre-Buy. Those who pre-buy the film also receive exclusive Behind-The-Scenes peek into the making of As Night Comes, including interviews with Director Richard Zelniker and cast.

As Night Comes is slated to go out to an estimated 100 million homes throughout the United States and Canada on December 5, 2014, via a VOD deal with distribution powerhouse Gravitas Ventures.

Recognized in the Los Angeles Times for its “power and authenticity,” As Night Comes, which was co-written by a then 16-year-old Ryan Koehn and Zelniker, is a provocative independent film that is recommended for parents and teens alike.

Beacon Media agrees, calling it “a powerful, eye-opening, beautifully structured tapestry of images that will hopefully begin a much needed conversation” while also paying heed to the talented ensemble cast including the “particularly mesmerizing” Luke Baines who portrays bad boy, Ricky.

Seen through the eyes of teenagers trying to find their  identity As Night Comes follows troubled new kid, Sean Holloway, who falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called ‘The Misfits,’ and under the wing of its dysfunctional yet charismatic leader, Ricky. On the eve of Halloween, Ricky’s anarchist plan for revenge spirals out of control, culminating in brutal violence, and ultimately Sean’s fight for survival and freedom.


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