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When someone dies amidst rage and intense wrath, those feelings remain at the death site and kills whoever it touches. My name is Kayako Saeki and I am the fulfiller of the Ju-On curse. 

My life has been filled with torment. My mother, Nakagawa Kawamata, was a spirit exorcist and used me to eat the evil spirits she drove away from her patients. This caused me to be shunned and treated cruelly by all whom I came in contact with. Never did I have anyone to care for me. But this all changed after I entered into college, and met a man named Shunsuke Kobayashi. He was the first person I ever truly loved. But for whatever reasons, I could not bring myself to confide my true feelings to him. Eventually he found someone else and I was alone once more. Years later, I married Takeo Saeki, who was the only person who accepted and understood me. We had a son and after our son started school, fate would have it that Kobayashi was now his teacher. This revived my feelings for him once more, and I began writing about my love for him in my diary.

After finding my diary, my husband Takeo was obsessed with the idea that I was having an affair with Kobayashi, and believed our son, Toshio, was not his own. Takeo, in a fit of rage, snapped my neck, crushed my throat, put me in a plastic bag, and stabbed me multiple times, where he placed my dead and paralyzed body in our attic. Takeo then killed our innocent son Toshio and his pet cat, Mar. I could not allow Takeo to get away with such madness, so I then took his life. Since that tragic day, I take the lives of all that enter the Saeki home. Sometimes my sweet little boy Toshio, together with Mar, appears to warn intruders of their doom. But by the time you hear my death rattle; it will be far too late. 

Look for me crawling down the stairs covered in blood, and listen for my croaking, gurgling, and cracking broken neck. This is how I relive my death over and over again, for eternity. Take heed. Do not enter my home, or you too will suffer the same gloomy fate as the others who dared to enter before you. 

Portrayed By: Takako Fuji
Aiko Horichi (The Grudge 3)

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  1. Kayako saeki did the grudge way


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