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Real Deathbed Confession – Aliens Are Real!

It appears that conspiracy theorists and believers may have their day of resolution as former Area 51 scientist Boyd Bushman appears on video in his final hours to confess his knowledge of Area 51.

What is remarkable is that much of his confession reads like a something we might hear out of an old X-files episode claiming the “reverse engineering” of alien technology and 38-foot flying saucers.


While all of this is quite surreal and unnerving, one of the most shocking (and well a bit humorous and ironic in hearing it) claims is that aliens are indeed working for the federal government. The report goes on to claim at least 18 extraterrestrials now employed, some of which are close to 350 years old.

Boyd goes on to describe the aliens thru photographs listing as them having 5 fingers, 5 webbed toes, 2 eyes, 3 backbones, and 3 ribs.

The aliens are classified under 2 groups which are described as “wranglers”‘ and “wrestlers” able to communicate directly thru telepathy.

Boyd is a accredited aerospace senior scientist and holder of several patents. He held top secret clearance at Area 51.

His interview video was posted on Oct 8 and has since gone viral. Readers can check out his video below.

The original article was reported here

[youtube width=”450″ height=”425″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VLkcM-bpdiA[/youtube]

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