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Horror Art: Jason Grim


My name is Jason Grim and I am a self portrait artist. My photographs are influenced by horror novelists, cinema, and video games. I graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Fine Art Photography in 2013, which was a time when I was creating social commentary works. However, my love for the horror genre and want to create horror films one day seeped into my photographic works.
I have provided photographs from my latest series, “Beyond The Void”, but my entire portfolio of self portraits can be seen here: www.jasongrimart.com

Jason-Grim-dark-art--(8) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(1) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(2) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(3) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(4) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(5) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(6) Jason-Grim-dark-art--(7)

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