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Wild Eye Releasing’s Horror Anthology Hi-8 Arrives in a Limited Edition VHS


“Look out, V/H/S, there’s a new old format in town in the form of Hi-8.”

-Yahoo Movies

Wild Eye Releasing has announced the debut of the Limited Edition VHS of Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8). This eight-part anthology brings together some of the most recognizable names in home video horror of the past 30 years, capturing the creative essence of low budget, shot-on-video horror filmmaking.

Vintage Hi-8 sleeve designed by Devon Whitehead

Called “The Expendables of shot on video horror” by Horror Hound Magazine, the directors for Hi-8 are Tim Ritter (Killing Spree), Brad Sykes (Camp Blood), Marcus Koch (100 Tears), Ron Bonk (The Vicious Sweet), Donald Farmer (Demon Queen), Todd Sheets (Zombie Bloodbath), Chris Seaver (Mulva), and Tony Masiello (SOV: The True Independents), who have returned to 80s and 90s style, gore-laced storytelling. All eight segments feature only practical effects and all directors were forbidden to use any post-Internet technology, including HD cameras, green screen, CGI or found footage. Like the V/H/S series, Hi-8 brings together independent genre filmmakers to spin tales of terror on tape.

HI-8 (Horror Independent 8) Official Trailer – Wild Eye
HI-8 (Horror Independent 8) Official Trailer

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The Special Edition VHS release of Hi-8 will be available exclusively on the Wild Eye Releasing website. Following the VHS release, on December 16th fans will be able to rent or own Hi-8 on VOD or purchase a DVD filled with exclusive bonus features.

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