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Fans of the undead show support for #ZombieRevolution

Zombie lovers all over the world have banded together to get behind UK fancy dress retailer, fancydressball.co.uk’s #ZombieRevolution campaign for equal rights for the undead.

The light hearted campaign called on the end to prejudice against zombies and those dressed up as the living dead.


The #ZombieRevolution online petition has already been signed 3000 thousand times, far surpassing its target total of 1000, and include signatures from as far afield as New Zealand, the US and China.

The online aspect of the campaign has been supported by ‘protests’ across the UK against zombie discrimination. The first of these was in Leeds at the start of October, which saw members of the Yorkshire public answer a call to arms and swell the already large number of walking dead picketing the city.

Manchester was the next city to be overrun by the #ZombieRevolution hordes before the campaign came to a climax in London last week with a march from Embankment to Trafalgar Square that also saw Resident Evil actor D.C Douglas show his support for the cause.

The revolution was the brainchild of Fancy Dress Ball and was inspired by exclusive research by the fancy dress retailer that showed an alarmingly low number of people in the UK are planning on dressing up as zombies this Halloween.

According to Fancy Dress Ball’s study into Halloween habits, only 9% of Brits plan to take on the guise of the living dead this Hallows’ eve Instead, there has been a shift toward more modern costumes such as Disney characters and the Minions from the hit Despicable Me movies.

The #ZombieRevolution was designed to put the horror back into October 31 and bring together the walkers and friends of the dead who hold the same fundamental belief – that zombies are an integral part of Halloween.

For a taste of the horrific sights from the protests, see the images from the Manchester, Leeds and London, here.

Paul Howcroft, owner of Fancy Dress Ball, said: “The support from zombie fans all over the world for our #ZombieRevolution has been nothing short of fantastic, likewise the feedback we’ve had from the public at our protests.

“Zombies are synonymous with Halloween, and we want to make sure this doesn’t change. That’s what the Zombie Revolution is all about, this year we want more zombies than ever before trick or treating or at Halloween parties.

“We organised this because we want to help the thousands of people out there that love everything to do with zombies – be that films, zombie walks, zombie theme parks, or just plain old dressing up – celebrate this with like-minded people. “

Friends of the undead can show their solidarity by signing up to join the uprising at www.fancydressball.co.uk/zombies

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