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SCARED STIFF COLLECTION Releases for Halloween – Cinema Epoch

Horror fans have been demanding quality scares and CINEMA EPOCH has answered the call with the “SCARED STIFF COLLECTION,” a series of award-winning feature films being launched with 11 titles unleashed on the public. The launch titles for this series include all of things that you would expect, including zombies, hauntings, slashers, monsters, serial killers and even some crazy and sexy women ready to kill for the viewing pleasure.   Edgy, gory, scary, and pushing the boundaries, this collection is a must have for any horror fan.


Launching on Halloween, CINEMA EPOCH brings this collection in horror sets, each with four terrifying features. In Volume One, the monster-filled, found footage shocker SHALLOW CREEK CULT, along with the whodunit, killer granny slasher FAMILY SECRET, the paranormal nightmare that is EVIL LEGACY and the cornfield monster mash RISE OF THE SCARECROWS.

In Volume 2, blood will flow as the sexy women of horror come into play with the non-stop suspenseful thrill ride of LOVERBOY as well as the evil entities that consume THE 28TH DAY: THE WRATH OF STEPH. If that wasn’t horrifying enough, the volume also includes the zombie-filled horror anthology, SCARY TALES and the monster movie bloodbath, PHANTOM OF THE WOODS.

In Volume Three, the DV TRILOGY is unleashed, bringing one of the most intense found footage series of all time in one collection.

This is a new day in horror as CINEMA EPOCH brings the very best in the genre in THE SCARED STIFF COLLECTION, a must have for any horror fan.

Pre-Order Volume 1: http://www.amazon.com/Scared-Stiff-Collection-Volume-Edition/dp/B00OLFDHTQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1414106398&sr=8-2&keywords=scared+stiff+collection+volume

Pre-Order Volume 2: http://www.amazon.com/Scared-Stiff-Collection-Volume-Edition/dp/B00OU20THI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1414106469&sr=8-3&keywords=scared+stiff+collection+volume

Pre-Order Volume 3: http://www.amazon.com/Scared-Stiff-Collection-Vol-TRILOGY/dp/B00OPT14YS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414106510&sr=8-1&keywords=scared+stiff+collection+volume


SHALLOW CREEK CULT – “You Are What They Eat.”

“A combination of terror with a sprinkle of humor.” –The Horror Zine

The Official Selection at the Indie Gathering Film Festival, SHALLOW CREEK CULT, Written and Directed by King Jeff, revolves around two brothers stumbling across a viciously cannibalistic and mysterious cult, presumed responsible for the bloody massacres of various Shallow Creek, Louisiana residents. And now the brothers are on the menu.

Written and Directed by King Jeff
Starring King Jeff & Gorio

FAMILY SECRET – “Some Secrets You Take to the Grave.”

“I don’t think ANYONE is prepared for what happens.” – Shu-izmz

“It’s a Howl!” – Yes Weekly

A throwback to the 1980’s brand of whodunit slasher, Geno McGahee’s FAMILY SECRET incorporates shock value and mixes with several twists and turns. Known to be one of the only Illuminati-themed horror movies, FAMILY SECRET revolves around the death of an elderly woman that just can’t stay dead. What appears to be the dead Granny is going around with meat cleaver in hand, butchering member after member of the McGee family. Geno McGee, forced to cover the story as a journalist must uncover the truth and face the true evil of the FAMILY SECRET.

Written and Directed by Geno McGahee
Starring Logan Lopez, Crazy Carl Robinson, former boxing champion Jose Antonio Rivera, Forris Day JR & LeeAnn Aubuchon-Swimm

PHANTOM OF THE WOODS – “Fear casts a shadow”

“True horror returns to the woods.” – NewzBreaker

The Official Selection at the INDIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, PHANTOM OF THE WOODS, concerns some teenagers experiencing their worst fears and they must run for their lives before they and everyone they care about is destroyed. It emerges from the shadows and becomes reality a harsh reality for anyone that crosses the path of this new horror force.

Directed by Michael Storch
Starring: Delaney Hathaway, J.R.S. Storch, Richard Hackel

LOVERBOY – “He’s More Devil Than You Know”

This Best Feature Film at the FREAK SHOW Film Festival and Official Selection at the Killer Film Festival has turned a lot of heads. Erica Summers’s LOVERBOY finds young Lauren, a beautiful girl struggling with a painful home life finding the boy of her dreams, but when his sinister side is revealed, the true horror begins in this rollercoaster thrill ride.

Written and Directed by Erica Summers
Starring: Kaitlyn Ale, Mildred Ciraco and Vincent Ciraco

THE 28TH DAY: THE WRATH OF STEPH – “A Horror film…For the Ladies…”

“Better than classic status of cult classic!” – Entertainment Corner

Zachary Scott’s THE 28TH DAY: THE WRATH OF STEPH brings a true evil that is so demented that it preys on women who are on their period. Steph awakens in a forest not knowing that she has been possessed by an evil spirit. The evil consumes her body and it’s a race against the clock to save her in this paranormal horror film.

Directed by Zack Scott
Kate Nichols, Jodie Grundin and Rollin Blanton

SCARY TALES – “What are you Afraid Of?”

“SCARY TALES packs a punch!” – The Awesome Cave

This Official Selection at the HORROR ON SEA film festival anthology brings it all. Geno McGahee’s SCARY TALES concerns four friends reunite at a remote cabin, as they share some campfire stories, but the line between fantasy and reality soon gets blurred and the unexplainable begins to occur. Secrets get revealed and the stories come to life, turning nightmares into reality. Five tales, featuring twists and turns, zombies and ghosts, werewolves and demons, and more, create madness and asks the question: What are you afraid of?

Written and Directed by Geno McGahee
Starring Tim Pieciak, Forris Day JR, Charlotte Lewis & Brent Northup

RISE OF THE SCARECROWS – “The Bloody Harvest Has Begun.”

“A place amongst the top killer-scarecrow movies!” – Cranked on Cinema

Geno McGahee’s RISE OF THE SCARECROWS is presented for the first time in its original theatrical aspect ratio. The monsters roam the night, in the woods, and demand that their lust for blood be satisfied. The bag-headed killer scarecrows have been through hell and have decided to crawl up for a visit to the town of Adams. A handful of visitors to the town will hope to survive the terror that is THE RISE OF THE SCARECROWS.

Written and Directed by Geno McGahee
Starring Anthony Brown, Steven Joseph Adams, Cedric Howard & Mark Scarborough

EVIL LEGACY – “Hear No Evil”

True paranormal activity hits hard in this found footage terror fest. Directed by Manuel Eiras, IXTAB: brings the worst fears to the screen in a horror thrill ride. What begins as a gathering of old high school friends becomes an authentic nightmare. For Sarah, there is only one thing worse than witnessing the horror, not knowing why it is happening. IXTAB has decided to take her first victims after 500 years of lethargy.

Directed by Manuel Eiras
Starring Dani Faith Leonard, Brook Thompson and Oscar Villalobos


“The most powerful horror movie of this generation…defies the found footage genre to become a true classic.” – MovieWeb

“Evan Jacob’s DV trilogy is proof that true indie filmmaking is still alive.” – Buried.com

DV – “First they made V/H/S. Then they made S/V/H/S…but nothing could prepare them for…”

James, a serial killer, has taken to recording his life so that he can examine it and stay one step ahead of the authorities. He soon finds himself hunted by one of his victims.

DV 2“This Camera Will Kill You.”

DV2 starts after the body of James was found in DV. The camera that recorded his death is taken by the Man who discovered his body. Suddenly, the Man finds himself haunted by something entirely different.

DV 3 – “This time the camera rewinds.”

In DV3, after mysteriously receiving the camera at the end of DV2, the brother of James soon finds himself becoming obsessed with how his sibling died. After going through the DV footage, the brother’s life unravels unleashing hell in the process.

Written and Directed by Evan Jacobs

Starring Isaac Golub, Brian Balchack, Courtney Oquist and David Patterson



















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