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5 Spooky Make-Up Creations for Halloween

The mask has long been the go-to option for those attending a Halloween party or indulging in some trick-or-treating, but increasingly more and more revellers are choosing to adorn their faces with their own make-up designs and it seems the creativity bug is taking a hold us all this Halloween!

We’ve picked five of the most popular make-up designs that you are highly likely to see, but if you have an alternative favourite, just let us know in the comment section.

The skeleton make-up may be the most tried and tested method of the bunch below, but that is for a reason; it really is a timeless look. With such good make-ups and accessories available, it is entirely up to the individual to decide whether or not they keep it classic or go all out and make their design something to die for!


Two Face
Whether you choose to go as Harvey Dent this Halloween or as any other character who has experienced such a gruesome fate to one side of their face, this look is as striking as it is shocking.


Due to the intricacy of the detail required to pull off this make-up creation, there are an abundance of YouTube tutorial videos to guide you through the ‘Wide-Mouth’ look. Applicable to so many horrific characters or creations, this is design that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Witches and Halloween have gone hand-in-hand for as long as we can remember, but through Halloween make-up and a little imagination, you can bring a whole new slant on a classic just like the below, ‘The Candy Witch’


It will be a rare for you to turn up at a Halloween party or open the door and not find someone sporting the ever-popular Zombie look. Through the use of make-up, prosthetics and fake blood, the desired Zombie look can be achieved with as little or as much frightening flourish as you wish.


These and any other Halloween make-up design can be created through the use of all good theatrical or special effects make-up, but make sure you go to a reputable company like Horror-Shop.com, as if you don’t, the quality of results may vary and you could be left with a design that is scarier than initially intended!

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