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THE EXORCIST FILE – SpookedTV Latest to Redbox!


The Scariest Ghost Stories Are the Ones That Are Real! SPOOKEDtv (as seen on SyFy, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures) Now on DVD, Uncut full of bonus features. See what SyFy dare not to air. Paranormal & Supernatural entertainment. There is TV and there is ‘SPOOKEDtv’! Epic Reality Television, Films, Art, Music and Documentaries by cutting-edge filmmakers from around the world. SPOOKEDtv dedicated to provide you with true thought provoking entertainment. “Are You Scared Yet, You Should Be”! WWW.SPOOKEDTV.COM



THE EXORCIST FILE HAUNTED BOY DVD “The Booth Brothers Score another Hit with This Paranormal Powerhouse” HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS. “The Paranormal Evidence is Scary but the Real family is even Scarier, I was Blown Away” HORROR FILM NEWS “A Must See for Paranormal and Horror fans” MOVIES ONLINE THE THE EXORCIST FILE – HAUNTED BOY. (DVD/Uncut Edition) Spooked Television Releasing Unrated/Packed with Bonus Features. LIMITED EDITION: Order today and receive FREE, an authentic copy (PDF) of the real Exorcist’s secret diary with your DVD purchase. Hurry while supplies last. This offer is not available in stores or at Amazon. THE HAUNTED BOY ((DVD/Uncut Edition) & Diary only $19.95 + shipping & handling (CA, MO, KY add state tax) USPS- USA delivery 2-5 business days.

THE EXORCIST FILE HIGHLIGHTS:*An investigative look into the hidden diary of the real Exorcist *Exclusive first look ever inside the actual Exorcist house and asylum.*The search and discovery of the lost Exorcism Room furniture (bed, desk, cross) said to be haunted and sealed in high security cold storage.*Decipher the Haunted Boy’s bed sheets containing devil’s messages and drawings including Aramaic writing and a treasure map of hell.*First time ever, paranormal investigation of the asylum and house where the Haunted Boy was kept during his possession and the rites of exorcism.*Paranormal evidence including shadows, EVP’s, hot and cold spots, light abnormalities and a cross shaped burn mark on one of the investigators.*Eyewitness reports and actual archive case files and family interviews.This is the untold-real story of “The Exorcist”, a chronicle of true events based on the actual priest’s secret diary the world was not to see, Until Now!

THE EXORCIST FILE – HAUNTED BOY: Unrated/Uncut. (Spooked Televion Releasing) WARNING: Graphic language and intense depiction of possession. Audio contains Electronic Voice Phenomena (sounds of the dead) and actual recorded exorcisms. Intended for mature audiences and may be disturbing to some viewers. NOW ON DVD (Uncut) NOW ON DVD www.thehauntedboy.com

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