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Film Review: Tulpa (Perdizioni Mortali) (2012)


Lisa Boeri is a successful businesswoman obsessed with her career – on day. But on night, she is visiting private nightclub Tulpa, club where your sickest, most erotic fantasies come true.


A woman is bound to a homemade merry go round as she is forced to endure a protruding barbed wire positioned to scar her face on every pass. That is until her eye pops out………

Sound interesting? Maybe even a little “SAW-like? Well this sub-titled giallo Italian horror film is one heck of a interesting cinematic piece. Directed by Federico Zampaglione, it has just enough weird and horrific unease to wet most thrill-seekers appetites. What is Tulpa you ask? Well it roughly translates into “consciousness”, but in the case of this film it is also the name of a bizarre underground night club that resides in the bottom portion of a parking garage. The private nightclub offers an erotic experience to those who have the money and the desire. Kiren, the bartender simply announces “release your Tulpa” as the recipient is given a drug-laced c**ktail. From this it’s just a simple walk next door to participate in one of the trippy ongoing orgy sessions.

Tulpa-Perdizioni-Mortali-2012-movie-Federico-Zampaglione-(8g Tulpa-Perdizioni-Mortali-2012-movie-Federico-Zampaglione-(7) Tulpa-Perdizioni-Mortali-2012-movie-Federico-Zampaglione-(6)Now before I get too far, know that this review might introduce a few spoilers in explanation, however the film is still worth the visit and highly recommended.

Lisa Boeri (Claudia Gerini) is your basic model of a corporate gal. By day she wheels and deals in “renewable energy” as part of the board of an elite corporation who is mid plans of a merger. Playing the stock markets, smoozing the boss, and generally getting things done leaves an empty side to her life that finds fulfillment in eroticism and sexual deviancy. Tulpa you might say is her release and getaway.

Things begin on a violent note in “Tulpa” as a bondaged woman is made to witness her dominatrix castrated in front of her. A masked murderer appears, re-appearing for isolated instances of torturous indulgence to those who seemingly deserve it.

Tulpa-Perdizioni-Mortali-2012-movie-Federico-Zampaglione-(5) Tulpa-Perdizioni-Mortali-2012-movie-Federico-Zampaglione-(4)

In the case of this film, it appears that members of Tulpa are being targeted as victims to these sadistic murders. As the story continues it is also the corporation heads who are slowly being eliminated. A stock exchange scandal hits the newspapers as Lisa’s boss Roccaforte (Michele Placido) is placed under investigation. Meanwhile the murders stack with up each being more slightly sadistic than the last. Overall this is a great horror film with some pretty effective kill scenes. I won’t give them all away but let’s just say I’m not a big fan of rats.

Lisa warns others as she becomes under suspect herself. Her coworkers seem to be getting killed off in numbers leaving the remaining as potential suspects to the murders. Lisa tries to warn recent her acquaintance Stefan (Ivan Franek) (whom she became acquainted thru an erotic encounter at Tulpa). Though the real question here is who is doing all the killing?


The essence and religion of Tulpa (the subject itself) is explored quite well bringing some unique visuals additions to the trippy tone and direction of the film.

Actress Claudia Gerini is quite stunning to watch granting us a few revealing moments in between. She provides quite a performance which contributing much to the main charter of the film. This popular Italian movie actress can also be seen in films such as “The Passion of Christ”.


This 2012 murder mystery horror film falls in line with films such as “The Bone Collector”, “Crimson Rivers” and “Kiss the Girls” echoing a style of narrative that we have become very accustom to in horror these days. I was glad when I finally acquired a copy with subtitles included to experience “Tulpa” as it was meant to play out. While horror is the true intention here, you can’t help but laugh along with the subtle humor elements of the film (such as the bulky steroid looking transsexual door-person).


I will add that actor Nuot Arquint who plays Kiran is one strange looking dude. His performance adds just enough culty moodiness to serve as a perfect instigator of bizarre conversations and trippy atmosphere. Now add to that some hypnotic electronic music playing through the film and you’ve got one remarkable mystifying package.

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