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Film Review: Call Me Crazy (short film) (2012)



A charming young cannibal tries to win over a relationship-jaded vampire within the confines of an insane asylum.


This insane horror short has got to be the only one of its kind – described as a cannibal/vampire rom-com on their Facebook page, this is certainly not something many people have encountered before. (Vampires and werewolves, now that’s a different story!). I loved the quirky style of Call Me Crazy and thought that the concept was an absolutely fantastic idea. With the amount of independent horror out there, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and this short does just that.


It begins with a news story about Michelle Gust, who has killed a teenage boy and afterwards posed in a photo posted online with blood dripping from her mouth. Naturally she was sent to a mental institution, and remained silent about her motives for the murder. Until Isaac comes along, that is. After claiming to be a cannibal himself, she opens up to him but is then hurt to discover that he was lying – he’s not a cannibal, but just a journalist trying to get a juicy story out of her. His close bond with Michelle has a troubling effect on him though, and he starts to turn into the very person that he claimed to be, a cannibal.

SHORT_FILM_Call_Me_Crazy.mov.0001 SHORT_FILM_Call_Me_Crazy.mov.0003

The whole tone of Call Me Crazy is deliciously dark and twisted. It doesn’t fall into the same traps that a lot of horror-comedies do, and keeps quite stylised throughout, reminding me of a Tim Burton or even Tarantino movie at times. A campaign took place on indiegogo.com in order to raise money for the film, and thank god they made their target because it would have been a real shame if it never got the chance. This just goes to show that money really is no object, if the talent and passion is there, so definitely check out Call Me Crazy.


On a final note, perhaps the most incredible thing about Call Me Crazy is the fact that it was based on a real news story in Sweden where notorious killers ‘Vampire Woman’ and ‘Skara Cannibal’ wanted to get married. Because this is simply so unbelievable, I have attached a link here for your perusal:


Notice the similarity of the names used as well. Crazy or what?!

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