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Home | Oh BOOOYYY! PHANTASM V Is Happening


Big news for horror fans today. It’s been rumored, it’s been begged for and it’s finally going to happen. PHANTASM V is a go. AICN got the exclusive and the net exploded with the news.

We don’t know much. What was released was a teaser poster:


As you see on the poster, it carries the subtitle RAVAGER.

Love it. The only other news AICN drops is that fact that it may be ready for us to see sooner than we think.

That is all for now, but that’s enough. PHANTASM V baby!!!

Source: AICN


  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    WHOA! Huge horror news! Consider this my loud and happy applause.

  2. The Black Saint

    Watched the trailer for this yesterday and have to admit I’m decidedly non-plussed. Not that I’m not a big fan of the entire PHANTASM franchise but I find it really odd that this just appeared out of nowhere with nary a hint of it’s production beforehand. The fact that Coscarelli isn’t directing (Although he wrote it) smacks of “Red Flag” to me also. Of course I’d love nothing more than to be wrong and find that PHANTASM V: Ravager” turned out to be amazing & a fitting close to the saga but somehow I don’t think so. Only thing that’s for sure certain is that we’ll all be there on opening day hoping for the best.


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