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Popcorn Horror introduces Bolster Project

toppostI’d like announce a new and exciting partnership between HorrorNews.net and Popcorn Horror. I really like these guys and for a lot of great reason. They’re all about supporting independent horror and have found an interesting way to do it. HorrorNews.net from its inception has been a strong voice for the indie horror genre. It only makes sense that we hang with like-minded horror fans and try to make things happen. Popcorn Horror has created a concept called Bolster, which is a new way to engage crowd funding. It’s more than that, it encourages interaction with an entire horror community.

The Bolster Project

We make tools for independent content creators (filmmakers, artists, photographers, musicians and writers) to help them earn money, promote projects and interact with fans.

We are a platform where lovers and creators of free digital content can discover and support one another in open and rewarding ways.

Learn more about The Bolster Project over at their website,

What does this all mean?

In the weeks and months to come, HorrorNews.net is going to help support those independent filmmakers/artists and their bolster submissions by featuring and/or reviewing some of their original content. This could include videos, music, whatever the creature.

Popcorn Horror

When we created Popcorn Horror we wanted, not only to create a great horror channel, but to find new and innovative ways of supporting independent horror creators. This lead us to create Bolster, a brand new toolset designed to support filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians, photographers and designers. We want to create a community of horror fans and creators who actively support each other, discover great new content and engage with indie horror in new, innovative ways.

Learn more about our friends at Popcorn Horror over at their website,


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