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Podcast: The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast – Eps 24


Insidious Chapter 2 is the top film this weekend but co-hosts Doc RottenDave DreherSantos (The Black Saint) Ellin Jr.Thomas Mariani and Vixen do not agree on how good or bad the film is. James Wan has delivered a direct follow up to his monster hit, Insidious (2011), but is it too convoluted a successor or is it an incredibly scary follow-up. Check out the podcast to find out. Thomas offers up the recommendation this week, the dark, comedy-horror film, Sightseers, and Dave once again delves into the horror news of the week.

The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast
Episode 24 – Insidious Chapter 2
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0:03:10 – What You’ve Been Watching – Thomas recommends Sightseers.
Sightseers is the latest film from director Ben Wheatley who gave us the incredible Kill List (2011) and also provided “U if for Unearthed” for The ABC’s of Death. Thomas recently caught the film at a local Florida art house and shares high praise for the film’s execution and humor. The film stars Alice Lowe and Steve Oram who also wrote the script. “It has one of the best endings for a film, especially a dark comedy film, in a while, and ending that will perplex the hell out of you” – Thomas.

00:08:30 – Insidious Chapter 2 recap and review
Insidious Chapter 2 may be the number one film for the box office on its release weekend, bringing in a whopping $41 million, but Thomas says it is far from number one in his eyes. And he is not alone, Santos also struggles to find much to like about the film. Doc and Vixen attempt to defend the film, but take it on the chin over and over. Most of the cast returns for the sequel including Lynn Shaye, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. The film begins immediately after the ending of the first film leaving the question who killed Elise. The Lambert family move into the home of Barbara Hershey and soon the spirits begin to show their frightening faces once again. At the same time, Specs and Tucker investigate the home of Elise for clues to the afterlife.

00:58:40 – Horror News of the Week for 9/16/2013
Dave Dreher’s horror news of the week begins with news of the third Insidious film being announced. With the incredible opening the $5 million budget film had, Insidious 3 is a no-brainer. Dave follows this up with news of the Halloween pitch video that has recently resurfaced. Would it have been better than Rob Zombie’s Halloween films? Dave then highly recommends the Friday the 13th Blu-Ray set sharing that it is well worth the price: “This is the one.” Danielle Harris and Kathrine Isabelle join the Soska Twins on See No Evil 2. Finally, Dave shares that the trailer for I Spit On Your Grave 2 is out.

01:20:00 – Listener Feedback
The HorrorNews.Net Presents Dead Afterlife indiegogo project continues with an introduction of a new perk: $1000 to name the cemetery where much of the film is set. This is your change to be immortalized. Then Doc invites every one to join the Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast Facebook group.


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Special thanks and a big shout out goes to the band Tear Out The Heart and Victory Records for allowing HorrorNews.Net to sample music from their single Undead Anthem for the podcast’s intro and outro theme music. Check them out and tell them The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast sent you their way!




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