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THE UNCANNY VALLEY Filming to begin Winter 2013

Prominent Seattle director Justin Foia will be making his feature-film debut in The Uncanny Valley, a dark, suspense-filled thriller about a socially isolated janitor—Glenn Logan— who discovers he has a wealthy doppelganger. The two men’s lives become intertwined around a beautiful but deceitful woman, leading to a noir-ish game of cat and mouse.  Keith David (Cloud Atlas, Requiem for a Dream) is slated to play the role of Clarence, father-figure and mentor to Glenn. Liz Lewis (Love Sick Love, Wifed Out) has been signed as casting director. The feature is developed and produced by Los Angeles-based Sayre Williams Entertainment, LLC.

Mark Mathias Sayre (The Timber, A Malibu Horror Story) and Elliott Williams (Usagi-san, Night Catches Us) are the individual producers.  In addition to The Uncanny Valley, Sayre Williams Entertainment is currently developing a wide and diverse slate with several projects in the pipeline including independent feature films, television and new media content, with a focus on innovative new voices.

The Uncanny Valley was written by Foia and his brother, Timothy Foia. “The storyline started as a loose concept for a short that my brother Timothy began several years ago,” said Foia. “Once I got involved in the writing process, the idea grew into a more complex, feature-length screenplay, allowing us to explore the concept of a doppelganger as a metaphor for social and economic disparity. We also wanted to pair this idea with the film noir genre, knowing the story would become a suspenseful and entertaining ride.”

Keith David is a veteran in almost all media formats as he has deftly navigated from voice-overs, stage, television, and film.  He recently completed the challenging and artistic epic Cloud Atlas, directed by the Wachowski’s, and narrated the critically-acclaimed mini-series The Bible.  He is currently performing to full houses at Los Angeles’ prominent regional theater, the Mark Taper Forum, in the production of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, directed by the Tony Award-winning Phylicia Rashad, and he will follow that up by starring in Fox’s recent pilot pick-up, Enlisted.  David has received Emmy Awards for his narration of two Ken Burns documentaries: The War and Unforgivable Blackness.  He has also received nominations for his narration of Jazz and for his work on Showtime’s The Tiger Woods Story.  David gained wide attention in 1986 for his role as “King” in the Oscar-winning film Platoon.  He has over 75 film credits to date and has worked with such iconic directors as Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.

“I could not be more excited to have the privilege of working with Keith David,” said Foia. “It was though fate had selected the most perfect actor to play the role of Clarence. Keith has that unique ability to effortlessly bring a character to life with intensity and emotion while never losing his individual presence.  It will be a real treat for the audience to see him do just that in The Uncanny Valley.”

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