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Judge Dredd 3D: $45 Million is quite a production!

Judge Dedd 3D starring Karl Urban has just begun pre-production in Cape Town, South Africa, making it the first major film to shoot in the newly built Cape Town Studios, a Hollywood-style facility which is the first of its kind in the continent.

The 3D flick is said to cost around $45 million and will continue shooting all the way through March of next year, a lengthy production period indeed. (Although the studio’s doors don’t officially open until October.) Unfortunately, plot details are still under wraps, but it’s been assured that Urban is playing Dredd with his mask on the entire time, and he’ll no doubt be enforcing his ultra-strict brand of justice on the streets of Mega-City One. It’s also said to be “hard R”, which is music to all of our ears, I’m sure.

Source: arrowinthehead.com

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