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Book Review: Twisted Fairy Tales – Author Maura McHugh | Jane Laurie

I received a rather sharp looking new book today from the makers over at Baron’s Books. This attractive little shelf candy piece is titled: “Twisted Fairy Tales written by Maura Mchugh and illustrated by Jane Laurie. Now, right off the bat, I can tell you this hard bound book is a sharp piece of work that perfectly blends the re-interpreted stories by Mchugh with the stylish designs and drawn images of Jane Laurie. You’ll want to flip thru it first just to check up the cool designs that went into this product. As a read, it offers some definite twisted versions of classic fairly tales and fables. You get most of the classics here such as “Sleepy Beauty”, Rapunzel”,”Pinocchio”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and various others such as “Beauty and the Beast”.

Each is a take on the original story though rewritten to a “dystopian makeover” (as stated) that drives a more adult-driven interpretation. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite Goth relative or that odd friend you have been racking your brains in search of the perfect birthday gift.

My review consisted of reading a few of the stories within and making a call on the overall presentation. In turn, the tales are extremely well written with a inkling towards the macabre while never getting “too” adult for comfort.

Myself, I’m not one to sit too long taking in fables, but my perspective from what I did read is, this is one pretty cool book. I hate to use the proverbial “coffee table” call out, but….it really is cool coffee table material. In fact, I envision this being among a small handful of books you might find sitting in the waiting room of Lion gate studios (or insert favorite movie studio). Even if fair tales are not your thing, it’s a great looking book to have. I have a small circle of cool looking books I like to show others, of which “Twisted Fairy tales” would fit in perfectly with. Classic looking, gothy and best of all…. geared to horror fans, “Twisted Fairy Tales” is a cool package.

From the Inside Flap

Open this book – but only after you’ve prepared yourself for a shock! Most of these tales are titles that are familiar enough, but you’ll be astonished by the unexpected twists of plot and the sinister characters whose dark shadows add more than a touch of the macabre to stories you once thought you knew so well. Maura McHugh’s frightening interpretations bring several of these stories very close to their ancient, often horrifying origins – as discovered, for instance, in the nineteenth century by the Brothers Grimm. Nevertheless, if you are among those fearless readers who thrive on chilling tales, you won’t want to put this book down until you’ve reached the very last page.

Book Review: Twisted Fairy Tales – Author Maura McHugh | Jane Laurie

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