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Home | Christopher Rankin Announces ‘Creating Monsters’ with “science, politics and occult”

Christopher Rankin Announces ‘Creating Monsters’ with “science, politics and occult”

Creating Monsters – The revolutionary new novel about science, politics and the occult from scientist and author Christopher Rankin, Ph.D.

A psychedelic coming-of-age story blending physics, romance and horror, set in a city on the verge of disaster.

In modern Philadelphia, where a deep economic depression has left the city near collapse and most of its inhabitants in gruesome poverty, Mitchell Gray, a twenty year old graduate student in a beleaguered university physics department, rarely communicates with faculty and colleagues, spending most of his time playing piano and touring the city’s worst slums in stolen cars. His parents are fugitives on the lam and one of the world’s most powerful billionaires is obsessed with the quiet young man and determined to capitalize on his strange inventions.

When Mitchell Gray falls in love with an older woman, the wife of a wealthy pharmaceutical executive, their relationship inspires him with a mad plan to change the world. With the help of a brilliant and neurotic chemistry student named Charlie Nolan and technology so advanced that it resembles magic, Mitchell devises horrifying yet harmless schemes and supernatural hoaxes, causing an uproar in the city.

His nights as a modern day robin hood also raise the alarm of some of the real monsters in Philadelphia, including a mysterious character from Mitchell’s past known only as “The Demon.” Christopher Rankin’s debut novel is a haunting story of love, friendship and survival in a world of revolution.

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