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Psychic Connection Deems a New ‘Awakening’ for Lost Paradise Films

Los Angeles- Film director, writer and producer Nathaniel Morin of Lost Paradise Films and producer/writer John Kera of J Kera Media will team up to produce a suspense thriller entitled Awakening.

The film is about a young man who moves into the lake side cottage he inherited from his estranged father, he starts having nightmares of a teenager chained up and being tormented in a stone dungeon by a man in a black butcher’s apron. When people disappear from his life and show up as the killer’s victims in his dreams, he realizes that he has a psychic connection with the captive teenager.

The film is currently in the development stages and the production team are seeking out locations and a cast. Nathaniel Morin will direct for the first time for this feature and will consider directing on other projects that are in the development stages.

John Kera is currently on the project as producer to create a unique cast of actors that will look remarkable on screen. The soundtrack is also in development with several local musical artists that will compose the songs and score that audiences will enjoy. The production team is in talks with several recognizable actors that audiences will feel happy with and their experience will help energize the film. Current locations are in the following areas for this film: Los Angeles/San Bernardino Mountains, New Orleans and Seattle Washington. The film has already attracted numerous investors, actors, and filmmaking talented professionals.

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