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Viscera 2013 Film Festival (Open For Submissions)

2013 Viscera Film Festival: Call for Submissions is Open!

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 1, 2012 – Now that Halloween is drawing near, female filmmakers working in genre cinema are stampeding to Viscera as it announces its 2013 festival call for submissions. From October 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013 (culminating in Women in Horror Month), Viscera is accepting digital submissions for its 2013 festival season. Unlike most festivals, Viscera does not charge submission fees. Filmmakers interested in submitting should head to the Submissions tab of the main website, www.viscerafilmfestival.com

For filmmakers whose work is selected, gore-soaked masses of thrilling experiences await. On the Viscera Film Festival Bloody Carpet Event, filmmakers pose for photos and meet fans and fellow filmmakers, as well as big-name celebrity guests. Films are screened in front of enthusiastic crowds (this July, Viscera screened at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles). Uniquely beautiful awards are given out, and there’s always an after-party. But the Viscera World Tour is the real draw: Festival-selected films are shown around the world throughout the year. As every filmmaker knows, the more a film screens, the greater the opportunity is for furthering a career in the industry.

Although Viscera’s primary mission is to promote female filmmakers, the Organization doesn’t believe in exclusion or domination, but in equality. Many men are co-directors/co-producers of the films programmed. Even scary little monsters (filmmakers age 18 and under) can gain support in their budding careers via Viscera’s Fresh Blood category.

“I believe in the Viscera Film Festival and what it has done for women filmmakers everywhere by creating one of the few venues available to
showcase the work women are doing in the genre and avant-garde film world. It is a small but steadily growing community and the Viscera
Film Festival, along with its ancillary endeavors, act as a support system and a bridge for these filmmakers to find one another and connect on
a creative and professional level. Without the film festival, I would not have met many of the bright and talented women filmmakers, actors
and producers that I now work with on a daily basis.”

– Amber Benson, Director/Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drones)

“As a producer of genre films, I can assure you that there is no other organization in the United States which has taken on these objectives with the degree of passion and commitment as VFF.”

– Elizabeth Stanley, Producer (Dark Path Chronicles)

“Thanks to their championing of females who write, direct and produce horror films, I have been given the chance to share my voice and vision with a wider audience, which has facilitated some significant opportunities in my career.”

– Devi Snively, Filmmaker (Confederate Zombie Massacre)

Additionally, horror photographer Joshua Hoffine, known for his work depicting children’s nightmares, lent one of his frightening images for the call for submissions poster. It depicts a menacing monsteress lying on a field of rose petals in the style of American Beauty, which illustrates the horror and beauty of Viscera’s mission in gorgeous, full-blooded color.

About the Viscera Film Festival and Viscera Organization:

The Viscera Film Festival was created in 2007 by Shannon Lark to encourage and promote the work of women horror filmmakers. The fest has grown each year, morphing into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with an ever-expanding, dynamic staff of men and women who eat, sleep, and breathe genre cinema. Beginning, as a touring festival, Viscera has become a highly anticipated genre event in Los Angeles, complete with red carpet (what we affectionately refer to as the “Bloody Carpet”), celebrity guests, and a raucous after-party. 2012 marked the third annual Bloody Carpet event in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre. Viscera’s tentacles have encircled the globe and films programmed at the festival have screened all over the world.

About Viscera’s other festival and organizations:

Etheria Film Festival: Viscera’s brand-new sci-fi/fantasy festival recently premiered in Boston, MA on September 15, 2012 to a nearly sold-out crowd or ravenous sci-fi fans. This sister fest was created because of the enormous amount of high-quality fantasy and sci-fi films were submitted to Viscera; the Organization created a festival just for these films. http://www.etheriafilmfestival.com

Women in Horror Month: Women In Horror Month remains under Viscera’s bloody umbrella, as Viscera and WIHM, founded and executed by Hannah Forman, shares the same positive mission: To educate the public about women’s roles (via the horror genre) and how equality can be attained. The WIHM Board of Directors approves WIHM-created content. Wherever you see the WIHM seal, you’ll know that it’s “WIHM Approved”.

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