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12 Bad Jokes About District 9

12 Bad Jokes About District 9

District 9, (2009), directed by Neill Blomkamp, is about a race of aliens living on earth.Unfortunately, they are forced to live in camps or slums.They are treated as a low life form.They get nicknamed “prawns”. The story gets a twist, when a government agent gets exposed to the prawns technology.The way he has to deal with what comes next.(I’m not giving any spoilers). The beautiful thing about this movie, is of corpse, a bad joke treatment by moi!  So, let’s get alien , with 12 Bad Jokes on those that dwell in District 9!

12 Bad District 9 Jokes…

1. What happens if you’re eating snack crackers, and find you’ve just eaten your eighth one?

Next, comes Triscuit 9!

2. If you’re listening to a CD, and heard tracks 1-8, what comes next ?

“Disc Track 9”!

3. There’s a German law against using dishracks.What’s it called?

“Dishracks, Nein”!

4. What’s the Prawns favorite Cramps song?

“It’s Strychnine “!

5. What do the Prawns like to chew on?

Citrus Rind!

6. What do you call the Prawns discovering NY Nicks tickets?

“Nicks Tix Find”!

7. Ditch-picks;9, is what gets said, when the water department is digging a ditch, and they count off the pickaxes for the job.

8. Who is the favorite actress of the District9 aliens?

“Prawny Kitaen”!

9. What brand of papertowels, do they use in District9?


10. What’s the favorite Todd McFarlane comicbook , in District 9?


11. What the favorite Zombie fick, in District 9?

“Prawn of the Dead”!

12. What do you call a canvas or metal covering for a house or storefront, in district 9?

A “Prawning”!

Hoohah! What a way to go frolicking among the Prawns, by tickling their funny bones! (Wait , do they have bones?! Someone find out! )That was 12 very bad jokes about District 9.Of Corpse, as you know, there’s a bad joke just waiting to be written…

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