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App Brings Zombies to your Neighborhood – Confused?

It looks like more than just the movie houses are getting into the zombie game. This latest release comes from a home insurance company by the name of “Confused.com“. I’m suspicious of these things as usually they are just another ploy to get link hits (and the obvious overuse of keywords – sorry taking some out),  however I was in a good mood so I’ll pass it along. The details are noted below. I did try a few addresses and it didn’t work, so maybe you’ll have better luck.

Are you scared of Zombies? Confused.com Launches new Zombie video to highlight the importance of home insurance

Confused.com has launched a new video application called ‘Home Sweet Zombie’, in order to raise awareness of the importance of home insurance and raise its social media profile. The video, which will launch on Monday, 18 June 2012, requires the user to enter their postcode. After doing so, the hometown of the user becomes swamped with a virus and zombie characters appear to make their way to the user’s home making use of Google Maps technology.

In order to demonstrate the need for home insurance, the video app uses the customer’s name and postcode to personalise the experience and make them feel as though their local area has been invaded by zombies. As the video continues, a shot of the zombies with a bomb is shown and the video comes to a climax as the customer’s home is blown up.

The last shot is characters holding a message ‘Make sure you get your home insurance through Confused.com.

The video forms part of the on-going social media strategy that reinforces the importance of having a home insurance policy in place to make sure possessions are covered against damage and theft.

The app aims to encourage people to think about the need for home insurance and customers can collect 1,000 Nectar points by simply buying this product

Speaking about the video app, Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at Confused.com, said: “We’re looking to get people talking about this video app and make people understand the importance of having home insurance. We want to create customer engagement and via Facebook and Twitter we want people to share and like this video, building essential relationships with our customers.” “The aim of the video is also to create a personalised touch for our customers to ensure they know how important they are to us and how important it is to ensure their house is protected against unforeseen circumstances.”

Gareth Kloet, Head of Home Insurance says: “We want to ensure that people have home insurance. By using a comparison site like Confused.com it means we do the hard work for you and the added benefit of this exciting video app is that customers can be directed straight to the site by the click of a button.”

The ‘Home Sweet Zombie’ video app can be found at http://www.confused.com/news-views/games/home-sweet-zombie/

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