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Horror Erotica find new life in headsickpinups.com

We’ve seen enough of these films to know that the combination of lovely naked ladies and horror is a pretty welcome experience. In fact, it seems to be  mainstay at least from an industry point of view that a decent horror film should contain some erotic or nudity inclusion. Ok, well, that’s what we hear any ways.

The idea is nothing new but the combination and the delivery is something that continually evolves. One such evolution that asks for no forgiveness by combing the 2 is a new site called headsickpinups.com. You can in fact head over right now and get a few worthy previews of what they have going on. Of course this is for adults only, but upon look it seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Headsickpinups.com, a site made by horror fans by horror fans, featuring a slew of beautiful models glorified by some of the most talented up-and-coming makeup artists in southern California. It’s a playboy meets Fangoria feel that blends together a whole new Fun-Dark-Erotica feel to photography and the industry.

Headsick Pinups is the premier Horror Pinup site. It incorporates the hottest models and the most talented makeup artists, for an experience the most jaded Horror fan will love. Headsick Pinups is revamping the Alt P*rn/Pinup industry by crossing it over many different genres, models, and content. The site features photo sets of some of the most gorgeous models in some of the most horrific sets and amazing makeup. The site also includes behind the scenes videos and feature length videos like our Documentary and the Headsick Hardcore DVD. The site is a paid membership module site with a ton of free previews, but future plans consist of featuring a lot of free genre content including independent horror projects, filmmaker interviews, and more original horror video content from Headsick itself.

Headsick Pinups was founded in 2007, by Photographer Jew-Unit. Headsick has produced 2 feature length Documentaries, 1 feature length Hardcore DVD, 2 coffee table books and has appeared at numerous events, such as
San Diego Comic Con, Fangoria Conventions, and special Halloween Events.


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