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Combat Zone Horror, ur Wrestling

On November 12th at the old ECW arena in South Philadelphia there’s going to double shot of wrestling horror! 5:30pm Dragon Gate USA and 8:30pm Combat Zone Wrestling! I recently announced Horrornews.net would provide coverage of the Dragon Gate event but we are going do one better and provide coverage of both events.

CZW has been the premier name is hardcore bone-crunching action for years. They’re no stranger to the horror genre as they’ve been featured at the Monstermania Con in recent years. I appreciate and thank the people at CZW for the invitation to their show, Night Of Infamy – Ultimatum! The main matches will feature CZW Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole defend against Sami Callihan. Now Sami Callihan, only a few short hours earlier will be involved in the Dragon Gate tag match teaming with Arik Cannon against CIMA & Ricochet. There’s no telling how that will affect his chances at winning the CZW champion prize. It’s going to be Tag Team Combat when Philly’s Most Wanted (Blk Jeez & Joker) defend the CZW Tag Team Championships against the team of Azrieal & Bandido Jr. It’s sure to be as brutal as any SAW movie! The Battle Gets Bigger with Six Wrestler Tag Action as BLK-OUT tangles with The Runaways (Joe Gacy, Ryan Slater, & ????) with Kimber Lee! Someone’s going to be there brains beat out like a slow walking Zombie! There even going to be an Inter-Gender bout as Mia Yim wrestles Greg Excellent. I wonder which one is going to end up being the SCREAM queen? CZW UVU Champion Masada challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship! It’s going to be a night of violence, blood, and gore. Perfect for any horror fan.

I remember about 20 years ago, I slipped in the blood spilled from a Eddie Gilbert / Cactus Jack match. I mopped up the blood and hung it on my wall. I guess that sounds rather sick. Well, those matches back then set the stage for the last 20 years of hardcore wrestling in Philadelphia (and across the nation). This Saturday night, who knows, maybe I’ll slip in some blood again, but I do know this for a fact – it’s going to be one hell of a crazy night !


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