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New York Comic Con: Top 10 Best Things

Hello again, True Believers! If you read my initial thoughts on the NYCC then you were expecting this Top 10. If you have NOT read that piece then, well – shame on you! The New York Comic Con is geek central. It is the Mecca for all things movies/tv, pop culture, comic books and anime. Despite some of the negative things there are some that are also good. This list will take care of those goodie, goodie things in an ascending order (from 10 to 1).

#10: Affordable Tickets.
Y’know – when you go to other conventions, concerts or sporting events you pretty much expect a jailhouse dropped soap shower scene when it comes to ticket prices. Believe it or not the NYCC is actually very affordable! The prices vary per day and package like a one-day Saturday pass cost $50 but you could get a 3-Day pass presale for around $85. Now the prices in the Javits itself (food/beverage), vendors, parking etc. etc. is something you need to rob a bank for unless you’re lucky enough to live locally or in a neighboring state. I will cover all of this in my “How to Survive” piece.

#09: Something for Everyone.
No matter what floats your boat there is something for you. Want to play Just Dance 3 with 20 people on a mass stage? Sure – they got that! Want to search for Bigfoot? Yeop – that to! No matter your flavor of ice cream there is something there for you to enjoy.

#08: People Watching.
This should be an Olympic sport. Seriously. Sit your happy little but in a spot near the main concourse and just watch people. You will see some of the odd, crazy and “What the Frack?” stuff going on and you might even get yourself on TV or something to boot.

#07: Camaraderie.
Comic books, video games and what not are all group things. You can play the stuff together, discuss plot and character or dress up and act stuff out. We don’t always get that same type of advocacy at home or school so when you meet thousands of other people who share your interest it is very refreshing.

#06: Exhibitor Row.
If you want Batman #1 or the first appearance of Spidey then you’re in luck. If you want to look at the history of The Transformers while playing beta versions of games not yet available then sit tight cause you’re in for a heck of a ride. There are hundreds of exhibitors selling cool as banana things while others bring in special guests. The big boys like Hasbro, Marvel and DC bring out serious displays to grab you by the short hairs… like a 20’ tall Optimus Prime.

#05: Guest Access.
I’ve been to a great many conventions and getting access to the guests is only $25 away (or more!) but at Comic Con you will see them walking around the show floor. You can chat them up while playing the same preview game or challenge them to a duel in Magic: The Gathering. When the guest is on their free time they all tend to roam the convention because, like you and I, they are also all really into this stuff.

#04: Interactivity.
At every turn there is something new to interact with. It could be the giant Star Wars blister packs Hasbro brought in for fans to get behind the glass. It could be the giant stage and rows of Kinect sensors to get your dance groove on. There even was a hunt for Bigfoot contest from Animal Planet.

#03: Photo Ops & Signings.
If you’re one of those people into getting autographs and pictures taken then you’re in luck. The guests are already bought and paid for so that means it’s usually free. Some of the bigger names still charge (like Stan Lee and his $80 for a photo; autograph extra nonsense). Besides the celebs there are real people that show up and you can get your pictures taken with them! Some are so well-known or so awesome that they will even sign stuff.

#02: Costumes, Costumes and more Costumes.
Costumes are a big part of the convention. You will see some VERY well made costumed but you will also see some pretty WTF ones too. No man alive should EVER dress up like Bat Girl. The ones to really look for are those people that spend the time making their own costumes. I have to tip my hat to the Star Wars fan universe for their skills in costume making because let me tell you there was a regiment of Storm Troopers that would have passed (or even surpassed) Lucas’s own prop makers.

#01: Free Swag.
This says it all – FREE STUFF! Go to a booth that is ran b a company and you will leave with posters, comic books, lanyards, DVDs, game samples and MORE! I tweaked my back leaving with the normal crap they give you but when you’re press you get even MORE stuff! It pays to suck up.

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