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Comic Review: Skullkickers – Issues 3-4

Issue: Skullkickers #3 & 4
Writer: Jim Zubkavich
Line Art: Edwin Huang, Chris Stevens
Colors: Misty Coats
Cover Artist: Chris Stevens
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: November & December 2010
Pages: 32
Price: $2.99

“ONE THOUSAND OPAS AND A DEAD BODY,” Part Three—A pilfered poison pabulum has pickled pieces of our protagonist’s paunch while portentous poetic prophecies proudly parade apace, parlaying a perilous paradigm. Paraphrasing: SKULLKICKERS is a particularly perfect packaged pamphlet of plucky pulp worth every precious penny in perpetuity. Purchase!”

Skull Kickers #3
First of all the “tripping sequence” are you serious? How can you relate that both verbally and visually any better in a comic book? Ridiculous! onto this issue, it rocks. I find myself flying through the pages, not because there is nothing on them of course, but because I get lost in this universe so well. This issue finds our heroes basically running into more trouble but ends with probably the best cliffhanger yet. I also want to make sure to throw some love at colors on this one. The sequence mentioned above and the glowing weapon, I mean come on can it get any more GORE-geous? another winning issue for this awesome series. Oh and thanks for the recipes.

Skull Kickers #4
Best cover of the series to date, mostly because that is one bad ass character design. This issue does 2 things that can easily sum up how great this series is. 1. The humor. From kicking your own ass to giving me “movie” quality subtitles, I mean are you serious? It’s genius! 2. Action. i mean we have 2 fantasy like characters who are designed to be action stars and in this issue they deliver on all fronts! Oh and remember how I said that the last issue had the best ending yet? I lied, this on does.

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
I will try to make this as plan and simple as I can, READ THIS BOOK! Buy the singles, buy the trade, I don’t care but read this book. That’s it I just figured it out, it’s an 80’s buddy cop movie! I won’t say which one is Mel Gibson or Danny Glover, but that is the perfect way to kind of explain what is going on here. Action ?, Humor ?, Horror ?the most fun I am having in comics right now ?. It’s that simple.

If you would like to buy or know more about Skullkickers #3 & #4 you can find it at www.skullkickers.com/

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