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Video Madness: 3 Men, A Baby and a Ghost

Morning kids. Let’s all take out our pencils and continue the week’s lesson on Urban Legends. Today’s madness is a legend I’m sure you’ll all heard in the past. If you haven’t, then well, I can’t even imagine the string of circumstances that has led to you never hearing about this. Needless to say, that string has also led you to not surfing horrornews.net either, so I’m essentially talking to no one right now. Irregardless, I’m almost positive that anyone actually reading this has heard the old yarn about a ghost child appearing during a shot from “Three Men and A Little Baby.” I personally think it’s the ghost of Steven Guttenberg’s career traveling back in time to remember more glorious days. Why he didn’t appear in “Can’t Stop the Music” is beyond me.

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This f*cker has be debunked and redebunk by just about every yahoo who thinks they know some sh*t and is gonna clue all you simpletons into the real scope. Yeah, bravo guys. Go have a circle jerk with Penn Jilllette and blow my ghost while you’re there. The fact of the matter is, the story is spooky, the shot is creepy as hell, and if you have any imagination at all and don’t get all wet to bust out the high horse you love to ride around on, then you’re intrigued by the whole fiasco as a whole.

To illustrate the fun of these types of stories, I will recount the old yarn, the way I remember hearing it without seeking out sources to refresh my memory. This will probably be twisted from the actual tale, but that’s why these things are fun. The scene in question was supposedly shot at the home of a grieving couple that had lost their son to a self inflicted shotgun wound sometime before the filming. During the premiere, the mother (whom had been invited to attend) lost her sh*t upon seeing the perfect image of here son standing in the window, and the legend grew from there.

Now, is this nonsensical? Why, of course it is. Do we need some bozo who claims to know they shot the scene on a sound stage to tell us that? Why, of course we don’t. Does this fool take all the fun out of renting the movie and rewinding the scene over and over while getting the chills. Yes, he does, and he’s a f*cking asshole.

Here’s the facts, jack – whether or not that’s a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, the same window does not have the cutout standing in it 30 seconds prior to it’s sudden appearance during the long shot it exists in. There is no cutaway. There’s no tricky edit. Is that enough time for a goofball grip to toss the cutout into the window for sh*ts and giggles? Yeah, probably. Why does this grip do such a thing? Well, people who works on movie sets, particularly those below the line, love to play pranks and keep their minds off of how much more money all the other assholes around them are making. Ask any FX artist. They’re all a bunch of jokesters.

This is one explanation. Hell, maybe in 30 seconds the thing just fell into a standing position, or passed through a portal. Or f*ck, maybe it is there the whole time and it’s just a tricky angle Again, reality is all perception and my perception tells me that thing ain’t f*cking there and then it is. Weird whatever the explaination. Combined that with a ludicrous ghost story about some suicidal kid and you got a creepy little clip on your hands. I guarantee more people rented that piece of sh*t simply to watch this scene than because they wanted to watch the f*cking movie. I guess that’s either a testament to good marketing or the power of a creepy little legend. So in conclusion, is it a ghost? No, it probably isn’t, and I certainly don’t need a bunch of “facts” to prove that to me. Is it fun to watch? You bet your ass it is. Enjoy the spookiness of a sh*tty movie that wouldn’t ever have been remembered if not for a stupid urban legend.

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