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Top 10 Historical Torture Devices

 I am not talking about Sadism and Masochism or affectionately abbreviated S&M a favorite past time of… well that is a whole other story… Torture can be perceived as one of the earliest forms of entertainment.

Very popular during the Medieval ages and still popular today with the popularity of the Saw Series of movies whose total budget for all 6 films was $47Million but has taken in a cool $731million+ or close to a Billion dollars worldwide! Oh yes, one cannot find enough ways to torture ourselves for the pure entertainment of others.

Anyhow, the long history can be dated back as far as recorded human history and far into the future as we crave to watch the pain of others as it shows how vulnerable we actual are.

Be enjoy our safety in our society but the rush of pain, the power of inflicting pain to someone else, is to be craved by all. Number 1 on our list probably the most easily recognized and probably one of the simplest is ‘the Rack’, not to be confused with a slang term for a part of the female body!

This large device was simple to use, yet inflicted enormous amounts of pain and suffering.

1. The Rack

Either end of the device had a crank that was turned, attached to each limb. One’s joints would make that horrifying “POP” as the joints would nearly explode under the strain. Often used in Witch hunting (Another favorite pastime ;) if the victim would survive, they would be freed. Though I do not understand what would be left?? Various other forms of this are used and for variety sack people would be burned, skinned, boiled just short of deep fried and otherwise stabbed while left in these compromising positions.

2. The Guided Cradle AKA The Judas Chair

Un-clear how long a subject was made to sit on this handy piece of workman ship, but I am sure it was not very long and if you survived, I am sure constipation was never a problem again.

3. The Spanish Donkey

Usually the victim was naked with various amounts of weights attached, the lighter you are, the more weight was added, an interesting way to cure obesity back in the day I guess… as you can imagine the victim would soon be split in half be their own weight or with the added help. I guess if you could clench your ass long enough you would survive a bit longer, no Stairmasters back then to help!

4. The Saw

Probably the most gruesome and blood spattering. This would require two men on either side to just do what looks natural when you have a saw in one’s hand. It wasn’t until the chain saw came out that you could save some money on the labor and use one guy.

5. Revolving Drum AKA Cheese Grater.

This device had variable speed. The slower the more torture, the faster the more fun? Funny as I was searching for this one, I came across the hand held version… so cute!

6. The Chastity Belt

Well not really a torture device, but after looking at it, no sexual contact or self-pleasuring could be done apparently, so torture in itself, women my heart goes out to you. Something I always questioned on this little device… Number 1, ok it just leaks out, Number 2?? Again not a torture device per say but damn! Though if you want a little web searching fun, just type in Chastity Belt in Google for some interesting laughs! Maybe also an early way to practice weight control?

What truly made me classify this as a torture device is when the men would go off to fit in a war or the crusades, they would be gone for months if not years! Can you imagine!?

7. The Chair of Torture

About as comfortable as a church pew I would say, but just short of the endless amounts of fun this one is, it would always be cut short on the amount of blood the guest was able to hold in until complete blooding.

8. The Head Crusher

Plain, simple what a show! I am sure this one had a lot of bets on where the blood would come from first, the eyes sockets or the ears, maybe even the mouth as the brain was pushed into the sinuses.

9. Iron Maiden
No, not the heavy metal rock group, though one or two songs they have were torturous…

One version was seemingly to encase the victim in the coffin and let them scream to death from starvation. Though less fun than the versions with sharp objects strategically place to gouge the eyes, limbs and various parts of the body, while inflicting great pain, but causing the victim to stay very much alive to eventually bleed out.

10. The Crucifixion
Thank you Roman’s for this one. Every one who has gone to Christian/Catholic church sees this one right in front of them.

Your heart has to go out to Jesus on this one. If you want an idea of the true agony, rent Passions of The Christ by Mel Gibson, I guarantee you will be shouting at the screen “For the love of God stop! No more!” if you can bear to watch. This will give you an idea what anyone would of gone through at the early times of Christ and the Roman Empire.

Victims were always beaten, sometimes made to carry their device and then hung to die. If they did not have their hands and feet tied to the cross they were nailed into place. Which has struck a lot of controversy. If you actually nailed through the hands, the weight of the individual would be enough to rip through the hand’s delicate bones. A much more placement of the nail would have to go through the wrist right before the hand joint. Feet placement was not that critical but all the same painful. Though it sounds like I speak from experience, never the less there is an awful lot of research done on this process.

Victims would die in agony, slowly bleeding to death or just die from exposure. Victims were sometimes feed and watered to prolong the pain and suffering. But it all depends on the crime and mood of the Roman soldiers at the time. This was a favorite for centuries.

Forgot your favorite? – We want top hear from ya  – leave a comment!!

Top 10 Historical Torture Devices

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