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Book Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Issue XIII

Morpheus Tales XIII

I always get excited when I open my mailbox and see that the latest issue of Morpheus Tales is sitting in there waiting to be read. I have come to expect great things from each issue; riveting, well written stories and accompanying artwork that adds so much to the tales.

Issue #13 is no exception. I thought every story was strong and I particularly loved this issue’s artwork. As per Morpheus Tales usual quality, this group of stories is varied, well written and packed with enough frights, mayhem and bloodshed to appeal to a wide audience of horror lovers.

But, as with all groups of stories, a few did manage to really resonate with me;

Red Blood, Black Blood by Deborah Walker
Illustrated by Vladimir Petkovic

Glass Castles by Cate Caldwell

Pretty Flowers by Nicholas Stirling

Stasis by Richard Smith

Thanatasia by Jonathan W. Bremer

Soup by Alex Gonzalez
Illustrated by Mark Bell

Some Things Aren’t Anything by Erik T. Johnson
Illustrated by Charlie Zacherl

Family Curse by Lee Thompson
Illustrated by Ian Welsh

Bert & Reg by Brian Kutco

The Good Of The Earth by Heather Smith

The Suicide Club by John Morgan

Cover Art by Darryl Elliott

Soup by Alex Gonzalez
Family Curse by Lee Thompson
The Suicide Club by John Morgan.

My favorite story this issue was Burt & Reg by Brian Kutco.

If you are on the lookout for quality fiction accompanied by exceptional artwork, I would use the link above to subscribe to what I feel is one of the best short horror fiction magazines around.

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