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Film Review: Feeding Grounds (2006)


A young group of friends head out to a cabin in the desert. Something has landed in the desert and it needs to eat… 


“Feeding Grounds” is one of those films that really leaves me on the fence. On one hand, the film really has a lot going for it and on the other hand it becomes so frustrating that you can’t decide whether or not to like the film or hate it. There are some interesting ideas and some really strong acting by a cast of unknowns that helps sell the material but there were so many loose ends within the story you just seem to get fed up with it at certain points, only to be drawn back in, and the cycle goes on throughout the films runtime. A lovely young couple leaves their motel early in the morning only to find a mysterious stranger looking for a ride.

They refuse and head out to the desert where they become engaged and seem happy. Later that evening , their behavior has become erratic and they are at each others throats. When they pull over, they each become sick and our mysterious stranger returns. The next day we meet a group of twenty somethings on their way to a desert cabin for the weekend. On their way, they find abandoned cars everywhere. They eventually pull over to kill some time until they can get in to their cabin. After they find a human ear, they head off only to find themselves becoming sick, bit by something. Their behavior becomes erratic, at each other’s throats, and no body knows the secret that lies within the desert.

And neither does the audience, nor do they ever know exactly what is going on. There is a very strong attempt at developing characters and, for the most part, it works. At times these characters get to be a bit annoying but you do care what happens to them and the group of young actors that encompass the roles do a very strong job, especially when things begin to get tense after they grow sick. One character, the vegan girl, she never becomes infected. There is a line of dialogue that tries to explain it but since we never know what is attacking them or causing this, the explanation just didn’t work for me. There is a lot of bickering and a backstory about the four guys being a band that had broke up.  There is plenty of this stuff but it just didn’t really work for me. The film, for me, starts to work during the last twenty minutes then it was just over with no real payoff.

Where the film does excel is in its cinematography. There is some really stunning shots in the desert that help set the mood of the film. Though I was underwhelmed by much of the film, the material was handled with confidence by Junior Bonner. I may have to watch this film a second time. There may be more going on than meets the eye. The makeup effects looked good, but there was very little to see. We see a creatures claw, it looked nice but I’m still frustrated by the lack of explanation. 

I love the idea of the less that we see, the scary it can be when using your imagination but in this film it just wasn’t working, I am going to recommend “Feeding Ground”. This movie is pretty interesting even though it is frustrating at times. The acting is really good and this group should be seen. When things start to heat up they really turn on the juice and the character scenes work really well. Maybe some body else will find the lack of a creature more interesting than I.

My main problem is the mysterious stranger at the beginning that seems to set the events of the film into motion never appears again. Don’t take my review to seriously, check this one out, especially if you are a hardcore horror fan. This one is interesting. 

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  1. What’s creepy about a hideous alien/monster jumping out of the bushes at night, attacking someone with the intention of eating them, and the victim either fighting back or passing out from fear? Not much, that’s run-of-the-mill horror stuff. But how about something that ‘softens up’ it’s intended victim/meal first – both physically and mentally – until the victim acquiesces into becoming chow? A LOT! And that’s what Feeding Grounds is all about. —– If you watch the movie only once, you’ll probably feel it sucks. But watch it again and you’ll enjoy it. It drags for the first part as the movie establishes all the characters and the overall gist of the alien/monster threat, but when they become infected with a disease (transmitted by a small quill/stinger into the neck that is shot presumably from the alien/monster itself, like a tranquilizer dart – not bitten) that tenderizes them from the inside out for alien/monster consumption – and drives them so physically sick and paranoically insane to where they end up preferring to become chow to end the madness – there are some fine performances, dialogue, and visual storytelling. —– Each character’s suicidal descent into becoming chow is unique to that character. The picture of the hagard-looking girl with blonde hair looking into a car: Actress Joy Gray’s Britney character’s final moments inside a locked car at night alone by the side of the road in a desert featured great acting, dialogue and visual storytelling. It seems she’s talking to herself when she says, “I’m relaxed, I’m relaxed” but when I watched it again I caught on that she was verbally responding to suggestive telepathic communication from the alien/monster seeking to prey upon her. Apparently, they prefer relaxed and acquiescing victims. Then there’s a quick shot of something with a giant eyeball and fangs outside the window, which terrifies her all over again. So the alien/monster has to start over telepathically softening up her mind. And when her renewed panic finally dials down into full acquiescence, and she opens the door to invite the alien/monster in to eat her – “I’ll let you in (opens door). You want to come in and play?” – man, that was creepy! —– Another plus for the movie is the way we get to see things from three perspectives: 1) as an audience looking in aware of everything, typical of all movies 2) the aliens/monsters stalking them, and 3) their own paranoid/psychotic/delusional takes on what is going on. Another plus for the movie was the realistic paranoia/terror responses of the characters. There was nothing cliched about it. —– I guarantee Feeding Grounds will become a cult classic within 10-15 years. It’s worthy of a big-budget remake right now with maybe 20-30 minutes of the movie rewritten and tightened up. My wish is that they do that with all the original actors – and throw some real money at them

  2. The guy at the beginning, who tries to hitch a ride from the two young ladies and later shows up outside their car window… at first I thought he might be the alien/monster in disguise, but on second thought he’s probably infected by it as he walks along the highway. Depending on how far the ladies drive, he could have time to reach their car. Any other thoughts?

  3. Whats the name of the song in the ending of themovie feeding grounds and also the name ofthe band the song is the one when the movie ends and the credits are showing can some one help me on this one?


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